dear savannah: three months

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We love Coke

Dear Savannah,

Today you are 3 months old. I feel like I just yesterday wrote your 2 month letter, and now here I am again!

I continue to be amazed at how much you’ve grown. You’re growing out of your 0-3 month outfits. Slowly, I’m having to put those adorable yet too small outfits up in your closet. You must be tall for your age as you seem to grow out of them heightwise first.

I feel a lot more comfortable with you. I think back to those beginning few weeks and laugh at my own awkwardness. Now I feel as though I know how to interact with you! We love to talk together. You are very talkative, full of cute little squeals and other baby noises. I try to talk back so that you can get used to the idea of conversation! You love that, and it makes you grin. You do smile a lot! That makes me so happy.

I’m learning more about you every day as you leave the newborn stage and enter the infant stage. You aren’t rolling over yet, but it’s only a matter of time. You like to stare at the toys hanging from your bouncer. You are so close to reaching out and grabbing them! Your movements are more controlled and less jerky. You love to kick your feet! You hate having blankets over your feet and will always kick them off, even when your feet are cold. You also love putting your fist in your mouth, which is really cute!

I'm a flower!

Your Grandma and Gramdpa came to visit from Massachusetts this month. They loved seeing you! You seem to do pretty well with them. I’ve noticed you are shy with new people but you will let anyone hold you. People still stop you all the time to look at you and comment on how cute you are. You will just stare and stare at them! You get to see your Uncle Jeremiah and Uncle Tim a lot, which is fun. They like being around you too. You’ve met more of our friends – Susan, Hannah, Jes – as they have come to visit. We also have weekly playdates with Jonathan who is 10 months old, and his mommy Cicely. I look forward to when you can play with Jonathan!

I think Ebony has been teaching you some habits! Sometimes when you are sitting on my lap looking around, you will look anywhere but me! If I try to meet your eyes you will turn your head away. Just like Ebony! You’re still pretty cute though.

Your neck muscles are really strong and you are so close to sitting up. You have sat a few times in the Bumbo, but you’re still pretty wobbly so we won’t set you in there for very long until you get a bit stronger. You do enjoy being in our arms though! And you also really like the bouncer. I used to lay you on the couch all the time but you don’t really like that anymore. You prefer more quiet when you sleep now, so I set you in the middle of our bed with the covers pulled up. You don’t kick those covers off!

I haven’t taken you back to the doctor since your one month appointment, but now that we finally got your insurance set up we need to make an appointment. I am eager to find out how much you weigh now! My guess is 12 lbs. but we’ll see.

So now you’re a quarter of a year old, and growing more every day! I enjoy you so much and look forward to watching you as you learn and grow!

Love, Mommy

Daddy and Savannah

the week before Thanksgiving

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It’s been a busy week here in our household. We finally got Paul’s Thanksgiving schedule, and discovered that he got all of next week off! We had planned to stay in Atlanta as is our usual tradition, but since we had so much time off we realized that a trip to Orlando wouldn’t be out of the question.

So… we leave to Orlando tomorrow. (Or perhaps Sunday. Depends on how much we’re able to pack tonight!)

Earlier this week, our water was suddenly shut off. I had procrastinated too long in setting up our account with the county. You see, our county has a low-flow law that requires you to have all low-flow devices in the house before you can get your account set up (and water turned on, although in our case the water was never turned off after the last owner moved out). The house inspector warned us that we would need a new toilet in the downstairs half bath, so we went ahead and replaced that. Then we called the county inspector to come and sign off that everything was low-flow so we could get the water turned on.

The county inspector told us our kitchen faucet wasn’t low-flow and so we didn’t pass. I was confused until I called my parents and they reminded me that they had to change the faucet to get one that worked with our portable dishwasher. Ah! Portable dishwashers don’t work with low-flow faucets, apparently. So all we had to do was replace the faucet with the old one and get the inspector back. But I couldn’t get the faucet off all by myself, and I just procrastinated getting it done until this week, when the county finally shut off the water to our house.

So, we called a plumber to replace the faucet and sign off on the low-flow inspection. He was really nice and immediately saw the problem with the dishwasher. He left the faucet loose and told me to replace it with the one that worked with the dishwasher as soon as he left. Gotta love beating the system. :-) He also turned our water back on – not sure he was supposed to do that, but after 24 hours of not being able to wash my hands after diaper changes, I appreciated it!!

Oh and I faxed the low-flow inspection report to the county along with my application to set up services. :-)

Yesterday we went to my brother-in-law’s new apartment and had dinner with both of my brothers-in-law. It was the first time we’d been there, and we liked it! It’s a nice little place downtown. We also got to meet his cat, Shere Kahn. (AWESOME name for a cat!) We played Fluxx and had a great evening. Paul’s brothers seem to really enjoy Savannah and that makes me happy.

And now today, we have guests coming over tonight for a game night – the ladies from my Bible study and their husbands. I’m excited! It’s my first attempt at a “party” since the one that failed a year ago. I’ve had people over to visit, but not a group. And I really need to get a move-on if I am to get the house cleaned up before they arrive!


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I uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr tonight, so I thought I’d post some here.

Look at how much Savannah has grown! The pacis in these pictures are the same size:
Taken September 19, 4 weeks old
Aunt Amy and Savannah

Taken today, 12.5 weeks old
I love Daddy

We spent the evening at the mall yesterday. As we were walking around, Savannah completely dirtied her outfit and unfortunately I didn’t have a spare. So I ducked into Macy’s and grabbed a cute dress off the 50% off rack. It’s a 6 month size, but it served the purpose!
Daddy and Savannah

Savannah has the cutest smiles and is very generous with them. My favorite moments are when she just looks at me and grins. She often stops in the middle of nursing to look up at me and grin. Melts Mommy’s heart!

I'm happy!


Paul’s mom brought a cute little flower outfit for Savannah.
I'm a flower!

All these pictures (except for the first one) are taken with my cell phone camera. They’re not too bad, huh?

Savannah's first wedding!

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Isaac’s wedding was a month ago today. I had good intentions of writing a post about it, as well as about the rest of our Indiana trip, but, well… It didn’t happen. :-)

It was a lot of fun! With the one exception being CNN not letting Paul have that Friday off work. So, Paul had to fly in on Friday night and consequently missed all of the pre-wedding activities. He was pretty bummed about that. I went to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, but I didn’t get to eat at the latter. I had to turn around and pick up Paul from the airport as soon as we arrived. I was very sad to have to leave a nice catered dinner and pick up fast food on the way!

The wedding was lovely – I sat with Matt and Alisse, and ended up talking to them most of the day! It was so much fun to catch up. I miss being close to good friends!

Below is the one picture I got. I didn’t anticipate how hard it is to take pictures when you have a baby with you! I also missed most of the reception because we didn’t sit in the main room. I attempted to get a picture of the song that Isaac sang for his mom, but the waitstaff were in the way and I couldn’t get any closer. I should have handed the camera to Paul!

I did snap this picture with my cell phone:
At Isaac's wedding

Savannah looked so pretty! I bought the outfit special for the wedding, and even got her cute little shoes to wear with it! I was happy with how it all turned out. And it was fun seeing Paul all dressed up as a groomsman, though I later told him that brown wasn’t his color as much as black. :-) Actually, the whole wedding was beautiful – it’s fun when artists get married because they put a lot of attention into the visual. I wish I had pictures, but I’m sure you can find some on Facebook if you’re friends with Isaac or Katie!

Maybe one of these days I’ll post pictures from the visit with Joanna and Beth and families. Maybe.

a few changes around twentysixcats

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For those of you who read from an RSS reader, you might want to pop over to see a few of the changes around here!

On the left sidebar, I added ticker with Savannah’s age so my readers can know how old she is without having to remember. A little farther down, I have my delicious links. I add new links every couple of days, whenever I see an interesting article, blog post, or website. Be sure to check them out, and you can even add my delicious bookmarks to your RSS reader if you want!

As I have mentioned before, I use Google Reader to read all my blogs. I haven’t been very good about commenting recently, but I *DO* read all your posts! I added to my sidebar a widget for my favorite posts from my regularly read blogs (posts I like from blogs I don’t subscribe to will be in my delicious links). So be sure to check those out, too, especially if you’re looking for some new blogs to follow!

I do have to give the disclaimer… I don’t always link to posts/articles/etc that I agree with 100%. Sometimes I link to it because the author is asking good questions, even if I don’t agree with the conclusion. So please use your own discretion when clicking on links. However, I will say I won’t knowingly link to any websites that feature explicit content or other illegal activity. If you spot some on a website I linked to, please let me know so I can decide if I should remove the link. Thanks!

On the righthand sidebar, I added a list of “best of twentysixcats” which include some of my favorite posts throughout the past few years. I hope you enjoy the old classics!

I also added two Flickr widgets displaying random pictures of Savannah, and random pictures from my Flickr account. I also just figured out how to do slideshows in Flickr so maybe I’ll include some of those in future posts. :-)

I’m considering doing some reworking of the links along the top of the page, right underneath the blog name. Do you have any suggestions about what I could include up there? Definitely an “about” page… anything else?