a few changes around twentysixcats

a few changes around twentysixcats

For those of you who read from an RSS reader, you might want to pop over to see a few of the changes around here!

On the left sidebar, I added ticker with Savannah’s age so my readers can know how old she is without having to remember. A little farther down, I have my delicious links. I add new links every couple of days, whenever I see an interesting article, blog post, or website. Be sure to check them out, and you can even add my delicious bookmarks to your RSS reader if you want!

As I have mentioned before, I use Google Reader to read all my blogs. I haven’t been very good about commenting recently, but I *DO* read all your posts! I added to my sidebar a widget for my favorite posts from my regularly read blogs (posts I like from blogs I don’t subscribe to will be in my delicious links). So be sure to check those out, too, especially if you’re looking for some new blogs to follow!

I do have to give the disclaimer… I don’t always link to posts/articles/etc that I agree with 100%. Sometimes I link to it because the author is asking good questions, even if I don’t agree with the conclusion. So please use your own discretion when clicking on links. However, I will say I won’t knowingly link to any websites that feature explicit content or other illegal activity. If you spot some on a website I linked to, please let me know so I can decide if I should remove the link. Thanks!

On the righthand sidebar, I added a list of “best of twentysixcats” which include some of my favorite posts throughout the past few years. I hope you enjoy the old classics!

I also added two Flickr widgets displaying random pictures of Savannah, and random pictures from my Flickr account. I also just figured out how to do slideshows in Flickr so maybe I’ll include some of those in future posts. :-)

I’m considering doing some reworking of the links along the top of the page, right underneath the blog name. Do you have any suggestions about what I could include up there? Definitely an “about” page… anything else?

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