I guess I’m out $15

I guess I’m out $15

Do you remember the eBay problems I was having? I did end up receiving the hat, by the way, 17 days after I purchased it from eBay.

That whole situation was just very weird. I ended up doing a PayPal dispute, and communicated with the seller via that. However, she insisted on emailing me back directly to my personal email – not via PayPal. She told me if I returned the hat she’d refund the money. She also asked me to close the dispute because it had frozen her PayPal account, and I could tell from her selling history on eBay that she did that for a living.

So, I closed the dispute and returned the hat. Then… nothing. I know, I should have waited until I got my money back before closing the dispute (you can’t reopen it). But, to be honest, I didn’t want any more communication with her.

As you may have suspected, I never got my money back. It was only $15, so I’m not terribly worried. I’m more concerned about the $2k+ that’s been stolen from my account by some thief who is forging checks. But that’s another issue. And, to be honest, it’s been so much time that I’ve kinda forgotten about it.

Today I logged into eBay to leave feedback for the hat. (I wanted to give her a chance to refund my money first, and then I went to Florida for Christmas and forgot…) And I saw this:



It’s just so weird though. This is a seller with a 99.7% feedback rating, and almost 39,000 feedback. Someone with that experience wouldn’t let one negative experience shut them down. There must have been something else going on. Who knows. But I don’t get the satisfaction of leaving negative feedback now and that stinks! Oh well. I have a feeling this is one of those fluke situations that I couldn’t have seen coming.

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