Savannah's first wedding!

Savannah's first wedding!

Isaac’s wedding was a month ago today. I had good intentions of writing a post about it, as well as about the rest of our Indiana trip, but, well… It didn’t happen. :-)

It was a lot of fun! With the one exception being CNN not letting Paul have that Friday off work. So, Paul had to fly in on Friday night and consequently missed all of the pre-wedding activities. He was pretty bummed about that. I went to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, but I didn’t get to eat at the latter. I had to turn around and pick up Paul from the airport as soon as we arrived. I was very sad to have to leave a nice catered dinner and pick up fast food on the way!

The wedding was lovely – I sat with Matt and Alisse, and ended up talking to them most of the day! It was so much fun to catch up. I miss being close to good friends!

Below is the one picture I got. I didn’t anticipate how hard it is to take pictures when you have a baby with you! I also missed most of the reception because we didn’t sit in the main room. I attempted to get a picture of the song that Isaac sang for his mom, but the waitstaff were in the way and I couldn’t get any closer. I should have handed the camera to Paul!

I did snap this picture with my cell phone:
At Isaac's wedding

Savannah looked so pretty! I bought the outfit special for the wedding, and even got her cute little shoes to wear with it! I was happy with how it all turned out. And it was fun seeing Paul all dressed up as a groomsman, though I later told him that brown wasn’t his color as much as black. :-) Actually, the whole wedding was beautiful – it’s fun when artists get married because they put a lot of attention into the visual. I wish I had pictures, but I’m sure you can find some on Facebook if you’re friends with Isaac or Katie!

Maybe one of these days I’ll post pictures from the visit with Joanna and Beth and families. Maybe.

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