Gerig Reunion: Reservations!

Gerig Reunion: Reservations!

From an email I sent out today (if you didn’t get it, send me your email address so I make sure you’re included next time):

In order to avoid the almost-problem we had last year, I am going to reserve the campsites at Brown County State Park next week. First, I need a headcount of those who are planning to stay Friday, August 8th and/or Saturday, August 9th nights. If you could get back to me by this SUNDAY (May 11th) then I’ll reserve the sites the next day.

If you are just coming on Saturday during the day, disregard this message. More details to be coming about that later.

There are two options as far as where to stay the night.
Option one: $17/site/night; individual tent sites with one tent per site; all have to be reserved at once to be near one another
Option two: $10/tent/night; group camping site minimum of 5 tents and no maximum

If we can get at least 5 tents then the second option would be better – we could put as many tents as we want on that site, which would allow people to be fluid about their plans. If we can’t get 5 tents then we’ll just reserve the individual sites.

Please let me know if you don’t have a tent. We’ll definitely help everyone get a place to sleep. We want everyone to be able to come and have a good time. :-) There are also cabins in the park if you prefer that route, but you’ll be responsible for those arrangements.

So PLEASE get back to me by Sunday and let me know if you are planning to camp with us and if you are bringing a tent. If we get more than 5 tents then we’ll go the group site route.


P.S. I will keep my website and the Facebook Event page updated with the most recent information, so please go there to follow any updates.

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