the week before Thanksgiving

the week before Thanksgiving

It’s been a busy week here in our household. We finally got Paul’s Thanksgiving schedule, and discovered that he got all of next week off! We had planned to stay in Atlanta as is our usual tradition, but since we had so much time off we realized that a trip to Orlando wouldn’t be out of the question.

So… we leave to Orlando tomorrow. (Or perhaps Sunday. Depends on how much we’re able to pack tonight!)

Earlier this week, our water was suddenly shut off. I had procrastinated too long in setting up our account with the county. You see, our county has a low-flow law that requires you to have all low-flow devices in the house before you can get your account set up (and water turned on, although in our case the water was never turned off after the last owner moved out). The house inspector warned us that we would need a new toilet in the downstairs half bath, so we went ahead and replaced that. Then we called the county inspector to come and sign off that everything was low-flow so we could get the water turned on.

The county inspector told us our kitchen faucet wasn’t low-flow and so we didn’t pass. I was confused until I called my parents and they reminded me that they had to change the faucet to get one that worked with our portable dishwasher. Ah! Portable dishwashers don’t work with low-flow faucets, apparently. So all we had to do was replace the faucet with the old one and get the inspector back. But I couldn’t get the faucet off all by myself, and I just procrastinated getting it done until this week, when the county finally shut off the water to our house.

So, we called a plumber to replace the faucet and sign off on the low-flow inspection. He was really nice and immediately saw the problem with the dishwasher. He left the faucet loose and told me to replace it with the one that worked with the dishwasher as soon as he left. Gotta love beating the system. :-) He also turned our water back on – not sure he was supposed to do that, but after 24 hours of not being able to wash my hands after diaper changes, I appreciated it!!

Oh and I faxed the low-flow inspection report to the county along with my application to set up services. :-)

Yesterday we went to my brother-in-law’s new apartment and had dinner with both of my brothers-in-law. It was the first time we’d been there, and we liked it! It’s a nice little place downtown. We also got to meet his cat, Shere Kahn. (AWESOME name for a cat!) We played Fluxx and had a great evening. Paul’s brothers seem to really enjoy Savannah and that makes me happy.

And now today, we have guests coming over tonight for a game night – the ladies from my Bible study and their husbands. I’m excited! It’s my first attempt at a “party” since the one that failed a year ago. I’ve had people over to visit, but not a group. And I really need to get a move-on if I am to get the house cleaned up before they arrive!

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