I uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr tonight, so I thought I’d post some here.

Look at how much Savannah has grown! The pacis in these pictures are the same size:
Taken September 19, 4 weeks old
Aunt Amy and Savannah

Taken today, 12.5 weeks old
I love Daddy

We spent the evening at the mall yesterday. As we were walking around, Savannah completely dirtied her outfit and unfortunately I didn’t have a spare. So I ducked into Macy’s and grabbed a cute dress off the 50% off rack. It’s a 6 month size, but it served the purpose!
Daddy and Savannah

Savannah has the cutest smiles and is very generous with them. My favorite moments are when she just looks at me and grins. She often stops in the middle of nursing to look up at me and grin. Melts Mommy’s heart!

I'm happy!


Paul’s mom brought a cute little flower outfit for Savannah.
I'm a flower!

All these pictures (except for the first one) are taken with my cell phone camera. They’re not too bad, huh?

3 thoughts on “pictures!

  1. SO big! And so cute!

    I have another pal whose daughter needed a clean outfit while they were at the mall. She, too, quickly bought something on clearance. I think that’s brilliant!

    Whenever I remember to pack a spare outfit in the trunk diaper bag, I usually grab a t-shirt or polo (not onesie) that isn’t one of his cutest options. For bottoms, it’s stretchy pants or overalls.

    That way, if he grows quick on me and I don’t replace the outfit for awhile, it should still fit. Oh, and the size I keep in the bag is usually the biggest one I have on hand.

    Easier to stuff them into something too big than the other way around! hee!

  2. Hey Ashley,

    I am reading your blog too and I think I commented on Savannah’s birth story even though I was just home from the hospital then. It was just that compelling. I TOTALLY understand not having the time to comment. I hardly do comment myself :( It is just a very busy season. Savannah is precious and I love to read the blog of someone going through the same things now.

    I too know about the baby stopping to nurse and then looking up and smiling. I had gone through hell and beyond to nurse my little one. But the smile totally makes up for it :)

    Cute pictures! They grow up all too fast don’t they?

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