I’ve never had as much trouble with allergies as I have this spring!

A few years ago, I noticed that I seemed to be reacting to my environment in the spring – waking up with a dull headache, but sinuses throbbing. I ended up taking an over-the-counter allergy med, and that made it all better. Every year since then, I’ve had a little more trouble. But this year…! It’s been the worst.

Thankfully, I don’t seem to have a lot of trouble with congestions and nasal discharge, but migraines and ear pain and aching sinuses have been plaguing me for over a month now! The OTC med is helping but not getting rid of it.

So, on the advice of others, I made an appointment with an allergist. That appointment is next Monday. From now until that appointment, I have to go off all my allergy meds so they will get accurate results when the do the testing with me. Ughhhh This is going to be one miserable week!

I started off yesterday with a bang – horrible migraine; I was in bed all day. Today I’m doing much better, thankfully. I am worried about the rest of the week, though! I told Paul that if things get bad then I’m going to move down to the basement with both air purifiers and just hide out there all week. lol I’m hoping I can just stay inside and keep things to a manageable dull headache all week. If only my ears would stop hurting…

I guess 16 years in Atlanta is how long it took for the allergies to get me! I do hope the allergy testing helps me know what exactly I’m reacting to. My illogical anxiety is worried that it’s going to come back that I’m allergic to cats and oh gosh what am I going to do then! Isn’t anxiety fun??

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