Link Roundup Week #3

Link Roundup Week #3

My weekly collection of links I’ve come across and thought others might be interested… I appreciate any feedback about which links you enjoyed reading so I can better know what to share in the future!

Surgery students ‘losing dexterity to stitch patients’
Charlotte Mason, an educator in the 1800s whose ideas still inspire schools today (including our homeschool approach) stressed the importance of handicrafts. The practical side of it (being able to create useful things) was obvious to me, but I never thought about the more subtle benefits – the strengthening of fine motor skills. I think I’m going to revisit my approach to handicrafts for my kids.

The Curse of the Honeycrisp Apple
A pretty interesting look at Honeycrisp apples and the economics behind growing them, especially in the northeast

Why robocalls have taken over your phone
We recently got a landline (free through Paul’s employer), and we haven’t given the number out to anyone. Nonetheless, we get 4-5 calls a day on it, 99% spam calls. It’s been incredibly frustrating. I was hoping this article would give some answers, but it more just echoes the frustration. I would love to see some progress made on curbing the robocalls though. If you have ideas about that, please share!

Closed Doors Are No Match for Boston Dynamics’ Latest Robotic Dog
Boston Dynamics or Global Dynamics? Pretty interesting!

Reading Eggs
I signed up for Reading Eggs a month ago ($15/mo for a family membership), and it’s been a lifesaver! Extra practice in language arts for the kids, and something they can do without me. I did try it 3 years ago for my daughter with learning disabilities and it went too fast for her, but now it’s been perfect. My other two kids are doing great and learning a lot. Their favorite thing is the “eggs” you earn when you do the lessons – you can use them to “buy” decorations for their house, which they love. This isn’t going to replace your phonics curriculum, but as a supplement it’s been great. (**Not sponsored, I pay full price like anyone else, not a sponsored link – just a genuine, honest review. :-) )

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