100,000 miles

100,000 miles

So do y’all remember this post?

Paul and I got our car – Corrie – shortly before we got married. She still had dealer tags when we drove off to our honeymoon!
Decorating the car

This week, Corrie crossed over 100,000 miles! That means we have gone 65,000 miles together in the past 3 1/2 years. This makes me get all mushy and romantic, thinking of all the fun times we’ve had together. It also signifies the time spent together and going places since we’ve been married. We have had a lot of discussions on long road trips – from serious talks about our future, to silly laughter, to whimsical daydreams. We’ve transported two dogs, two cats, a baby, and countless numbers of friends and family. (Last weekend we also added a carseat and carried around someone else’s baby for the first time!) We have used it to move 4 different times, and to help our friends move. (Corrie has been registered to three different counties in the metro Atlanta area!) We have gone on 11 camping trips together in the Corolla, and look forward to about 2 months when we can start camping again (!!!). I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve visited Florida, Indiana, and North Carolina – and all the states in between! And we can’t forget Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, South Carolina!

I don’t think we’ve ever slept in the car, but we have done a few all-night drives. We have gone star-gazing using the sunroof. We have packed the trunk so tightly that there isn’t a single bit of room. We’ve been to the beach, to the mountains, and to midwest cornfields. We have used the top of the trunk countless times as a baby changing table. We have cranked the music, we have listened to audio books, we have been encouraged by recordings of sermons. Sometimes we just enjoy the silence. We’ve seen all sorts of weather, all range of temperatures (well, maybe not the single digits… but definitely three digits!).

This Corolla was our first major purchase together, the first and only time we’ve financed something other than our house and education. We celebrated financial success when we paid her off after 21 months. In December of 2008, we sold our other car and have been relying on Corrie solely since then. The fact that we’re able to do that makes us happy – another form of success, success in simplifying our lives.

I love my car, but most of all I love the man who I’ve been able to share all of this with. It’s been a fun 3 1/2 years. We’ve been on ups and downs (literally!) and we’re still going strong. Here’s to another 100,000 miles together! :-)

100,000 miles!

Me driving to Indiana

Dining table

Tent and car

Savannah takes the wheel

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