25 ways to celebrate my birthday

25 ways to celebrate my birthday

In honor of my 25th birthday today, I am posting a list of 25 ways you can celebrate my birthday!

1. Eat twenty-six strawberries.

2. Watch Gone With the Wind and celebrate Atlanta.

3. Have a phone conversation where you hang up 15 minutes after you say, “Well I need to go now…”

4. Find someone who has been to Peru and ask them if they know me.

5. Sing happy birthday at 12:26 am or 12:26 pm (or both!).

6. Go to a dog park and exclaim every time you see a beagle.

7. Paint a purple picture.

8. Get a caffeine high from Coke and hop around like a bunny.

9. Spend three hours wandering around Hobby Lobby!

10. Insert “y’all” into your conversation as much as possible.

11. Take pictures of kitties with your Nikon DSLR.

12. Dye your hair red.

13. Read (or reread) Anne of Green Gables, paying special attention to the part where she says her red hair will be her “lifelong sorrow”.

14. Have a conversation about how awesome the packaging design of the Publix brand products looks.

15. Play punchbuggy with Corollas.

16. Offer to redesign your church’s bulletins.

17. Flip through a magazine and call out the names of all the fonts you recognize.

18. Enjoy a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s.

19. Have a conversation with someone about why Comic Sans should be banned.

20. Host a Gilmore Girls marathon.

21. Stay up until dawn breaks.

22. Go to an animal shelter and pet the kitties.

23. Write on my wall on Facebook.

24. Post a comment on my blog.

25. Come to Atlanta and visit me!

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