the most wonderful time of the year

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’ve turned our thoughts to Christmas! As Paul says, I live all year for the month of December. I just love Christmas time! We got a tree on Friday. We were going to go to a Christmas tree farm, but we decided we didn’t really want to drive up to North Georgia or farther north, and we just got a tree from a local church. (We like supporting local churches, anyways.) This year we got a frasier fir. I actually did a little bit of research about kinds of Christmas trees and found it interesting! I think this is the most fragrant tree we’ve had – the whole apartment smells wonderful! (As I said to Paul, we now have completely Joanna-proofed the apartment, if having two cats wasn’t enough… Sorry, Joanna! ;-))

Jesse TreeThe Christmas decorations have come out and we’re in the process of putting them up. Every year we’ve had Christmas in a different apartment (this is my 4th Christmas in Atlanta), and so we always have to rethink the decorations. Oh but I sure do love it! I’m going to participate in the Christmas Tour of Homes again this year, so you’ll see pictures then. :-)

Starting tomorrow, we’re also going to do the Jesse tree again. (The picture above is of our Jesse tree from last year.) I explained a bit about what a Jesse tree is here, and you can see all my ornaments here.

So how many of you have already started decorating for Christmas? Isn’t it FUN? :-) Oh and what do you think of my new Christmas look? :-)

my christmas cactus

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I’m one of these people that has really bad luck with plants. I seem to always kill them. My mom thinks that’s horrible, and always tries to get me to plant things. I love flowers – they’re so pretty! But I forget about them and don’t water them and they die and I feel guilty.

So my mom, in her attempt to remedy my plantless house, likes to give me plants for Christmas/birthday. She gave me one plant that I don’t know the name of, but it’s supposed to be unkillable. It was growing beautifully (there’s a picture here – it’s the one on the stand… see how full and beautiful it is?). Then, for some reason, it died. Well, almost all of it. It’s now about a third of the size it once was and I really don’t know why! I know part of the problem is that my cats like to chew on the leaves and dig in the dirt in the pot, and in my old apartment I really had a hard time finding a place to put it that offered enough light. Anyways, I figure that it’s a sign that I shouldn’t have plants if I kill the unkillable plant. (But really, it’s not completely dead… I still have it and in my naivete I am attempting to coax it back to its previous fullness.) (I really just need to plant kudzu. Now THAT’S unkillable!)

Two years ago for Christmas, my mom gave me a couple of Christmas cacti. (They’re on the floor in the picture I linked to previously.) She assured me that I would like cacti – apparently they don’t like to be watered a lot, so I could forget and it would be okay. So these past few years I’ve been trying to take good care of them.

Christmas cactus
Well this month something really amazing happened. One of them bloomed! I got three beautiful blooms and they were such a gorgeous pretty pink! The cacti are supposed to bloom at Christmas time (hence the name), but I guess these were Thanksgiving cacti. (Apparently you can adjust when they bloom by how you take care of them. Obviously, I did that on purpose. Yeah. ;-))

Christmas cactusChristmas cactus

Anyways, I’m proud of my Christmas cactus! And I hope the other one follows suit and blooms! (Probably not this year though since there are no buds. I think it may have something to do with the several times it was knocked to the floor by my cats, and the pieces of the leaves or whatever it is that I used to find occasionally around the house.)

happy thanksgiving!

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A reprint from two years ago

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I am very thankful to have a day to sleep in, and that my husband has the day off too! That’s a rare thing in our lives! :-) (Now just pray that he gets Christmas off…)

Yesterday a customer called me to see if there was any way he could get an ad printed before Christmas. He had cancelled his ad back in October, he explained, because he was in the hospital and the doctors had told him he wouldn’t live. However, he had defied the odds and is now back and able to run his store! Even though I don’t know him personally, or any details of his illness, I was rejoicing with him about this unexpected gift of life.

I thank God for loving me enough to die for me, for loving me despite my inconsistent and fickle nature, for loving me enough to always be there for me. I praise Him for my health, my job, my freedom, my family, my hope for the future, for a house over my head, for two kitties to love, for friends, for a car to take me to work and take me to visit friends. There is so much I am and should be grateful for this season!

And I should end with saying that I get to see my dear friend Beth in only a few hours. Hooray! :-) This time we won’t forget to take pictures. ;-) What are you doing to celebrate today?

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.” Psalm 100:4

babies, fan-fic, and insomnia

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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only in a few days! I keep thinking this week is a normal week, and I have my Bible study tomorrow night and choir on Thursday… But no, both have been cancelled and we’ll be enjoying the fellowship of dear friends on Thursday!

Speaking of… yesterday I got to meet Maddie for the first time! :-) Beth is here for the week visiting her parents for Thanksgiving, so yesterday I drove over to their house to meet the darling 7 week old. She is so cute! And I think she looks like her mommy. I got to hold her – perhaps I’m getting over my fear of holding babies? I still didn’t know what to do with her once she was in my arms, but Beth didn’t seem too worried. I even got to give Maddie a bottle! :-) We are headed over to spend Thanksgiving with Beth and her family, so I’ll bring my camera and hopefully get some pictures!

I have been lazy these past couple of days because I have discovered the world of…. fan fiction. Yep. I found a website of a group of writers who have decided to continue Gilmore Girls on with season 8 and even season 9. While it’s not just like original (really, can anyone else mimic the unique voice that Amy Sherman Palladino gave?), I think they did a pretty good job! I really enjoyed the storylines they had, and the directions they took the characters. The season finale of season 8 especially left me a little teary-eyed, and I think wrapped up the show really well. I know, I spent waaaay too much time catching up with everything, but I enjoyed it.

Other than that, I’m still working on getting my groove with this home-full-time thing. I’m struggling because I can’t sleep at night, and have SUCH a hard time getting myself up in the mornings. I have my alarm set to 8, but with no reason to be up, I often just lay in bed, listening to the Bert Show for an hour. Today though I worked out at the fitness center for the first time in ages! I am proud of myself. I hope this helps with my inability to sleep at night. (Also, I have to say I really like the fitness center at my current complex – much better than the old one.)

That’s about it that’s new. Oh one last thing. I went ahead and finished the music game so be sure to check out the answers that no one guessed. You did well though! I personally thought it was hard, especially for some of the more obscure songs.

taking a trip back in time!

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Today we had the privilege to attend the wedding reception of a friend and former coworker. It was a 40s theme, and guests were encouraged to come dressed in their best vintage garb! Since I just LOVE the 40s, I decided to have fun.

A few years ago, I was in a Christmas cantata that took place in the 1940s. I thought I would wear the same outfit, but when I tried on the dress it didn’t fit anymore. Also, the hat had been given to Goodwill when I was trying to downsize our stuff when we moved two months ago. I did have the gloves, but for some reason I had two identical left handed gloves. I’m a little confused about that one! So I scoured eBay for a new outfit. I finally found a black dress with small white polka-dots that I liked. I them selected a black hat to match, and beautiful embroidered white gloves. The dress and gloves arrived and were beautiful, but the hat never arrived. :-( I was super bummed about the hat, and I intend to write a strong email because it was promised by the seller that I would get it no later than the 19th. I might wait until Monday to see if it arrived… I wonder if it got lost in the mail…

Bethany came over and did my hair for the occasion. She did a great job! We used the hairstyles from the Gilmore Girls episode “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” as our inspiration and I loved how it turned out. A necklace found at a thrift store and “retro red” lipstick completed the look.



Paul also dressed up! He wore is pinstripe suit and fedora hat. We looked quite snazzy.


So even though I didn’t have the hat, I still had a lot of fun dressing up. I’m thinking about throwing myself a birthday party and having everyone dress up in 40s themed clothing. What do you think?