taking a trip back in time!

taking a trip back in time!

Today we had the privilege to attend the wedding reception of a friend and former coworker. It was a 40s theme, and guests were encouraged to come dressed in their best vintage garb! Since I just LOVE the 40s, I decided to have fun.

A few years ago, I was in a Christmas cantata that took place in the 1940s. I thought I would wear the same outfit, but when I tried on the dress it didn’t fit anymore. Also, the hat had been given to Goodwill when I was trying to downsize our stuff when we moved two months ago. I did have the gloves, but for some reason I had two identical left handed gloves. I’m a little confused about that one! So I scoured eBay for a new outfit. I finally found a black dress with small white polka-dots that I liked. I them selected a black hat to match, and beautiful embroidered white gloves. The dress and gloves arrived and were beautiful, but the hat never arrived. :-( I was super bummed about the hat, and I intend to write a strong email because it was promised by the seller that I would get it no later than the 19th. I might wait until Monday to see if it arrived… I wonder if it got lost in the mail…

Bethany came over and did my hair for the occasion. She did a great job! We used the hairstyles from the Gilmore Girls episode “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” as our inspiration and I loved how it turned out. A necklace found at a thrift store and “retro red” lipstick completed the look.



Paul also dressed up! He wore is pinstripe suit and fedora hat. We looked quite snazzy.


So even though I didn’t have the hat, I still had a lot of fun dressing up. I’m thinking about throwing myself a birthday party and having everyone dress up in 40s themed clothing. What do you think?

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