job changes ahead

job changes ahead

Early last year, I got a new job working in my field of graphic design. It’s been a good job, one that I’ve enjoyed for the most part, and I’ve met some really great people. I had a bit of a breakdown last summer where we were understaffed and I made the decision to leave, thinking that would help my stress levels. Those two months did help, but when my boss approached me again and offered me part-time, I decided to take him up on it. Since January, I have been working three days a week which has been perfect. Paul and I are now able to have the same days off, and I also have a day to volunteer at a local cat shelter. It was very difficult during my first trimester to keep focused on work, but once I got past that it’s been good.

I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, and Paul and I have purposefully planned our finances to allow for that to happen if/when it did. I am blessed that Paul has a stable job where we can cover all our expenses on just his income. I am also blessed that these past 16 months of working have allowed us to pay off our car and all but 2 loans (down from the 7 loans we started with when we got married!), as well as put a good amount of money in our savings. When we found out we were expecting a baby at the end of August, we started talking about when I should quit and transfer my attention to being a stay-at-home mom. I was afraid of quitting too early and being bored, and also I was afraid of the opposite and not giving myself a chance to rest in my last months. We decided sometime in June would be a good time.

A few weeks ago, my boss told me about a huge upcoming project that we’re expecting to hit starting June 1st. They’re actually hiring two more designers – bringing the total to 8 – for the summer to help with this project. This made me reconsider my plans, and also I knew I had to talk to my boss about my intentions.

I decided it would be better to leave before the project hit. I have worked on similar projects, and I know that they can be extremely stressful. I also know that us being really busy could make it difficult for me to take time off if I needed it, like for doctor’s appointments and for genuine tiredness that comes with later pregnancy. I talked to my boss, and she agreed. We made plans for me to leave at the end of May, which was just before we head up to Indiana for the Gerig reunion so it all works out well.

Meanwhile, my supervisor has been interviewing for the three positions (two new ones, and one replacing me), and as of last Friday she had finalized her decisions and the new hirees had accepted the offers. The only downside was… She wanted two weeks for training before the project hits on June 1st. It makes sense; the work will be confusing to a newcomer, and it’s important that everyone is on the same page before jumping into a big project like this one. However, she needs my desk and my computer for my replacement. So… it all works out best for my last day to be May 15th.

Wow! I must admit I was sad to leave sooner than expected. I have (for the most part) enjoyed working there, and I have really enjoyed the people I have gotten to know. But, I know it’s all in God’s timing and I am looking forward to the new job He has in store for me, the job of being a mommy.

I’ll spend the summer getting ready for the baby, trying to stay cool, and doing other tasks that come up. On the top of my to-do list is “figure out housing for the fall”. :-) We are looking at houses to buy, but if that falls through then we’ll weigh the pros-cons of moving to a bigger rental place. (Believe it or not, I’m tired of moving! But I’m also feeling cramped in the one-bedroom, so hence the struggle.) I also have a couple of trips planned this summer (Indiana, New England, Birmingham), and I’m helping a friend out by photographing her wedding at the end of June, so I probably should learn something about photography by then. ;-) And, of course, there’s the cat shelter which I enjoy and will keep working as long as I feel up to the task. So, hopefully a busy summer but with lots of chances to rest and relax!

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  1. Wow! We’ll start being stay-at-home mommies at almost the exact same time! My last day of work is May 22nd. I’m counting down the days–I can’t believe I’m so close to being done, but at the same time it is going by much. too. slowly.

    I can’t remember if I told you that we’re moving on May 29th? Only 25 more days and we’ll only be 2 1/2 hours apart!

  2. Congratulations! I’m sure it will be an adjustment, but I imagine you’ll feel “better-prepared” (I say that somewhat tongue in cheek) when your baby comes along. :)

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