babies, fan-fic, and insomnia

babies, fan-fic, and insomnia

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only in a few days! I keep thinking this week is a normal week, and I have my Bible study tomorrow night and choir on Thursday… But no, both have been cancelled and we’ll be enjoying the fellowship of dear friends on Thursday!

Speaking of… yesterday I got to meet Maddie for the first time! :-) Beth is here for the week visiting her parents for Thanksgiving, so yesterday I drove over to their house to meet the darling 7 week old. She is so cute! And I think she looks like her mommy. I got to hold her – perhaps I’m getting over my fear of holding babies? I still didn’t know what to do with her once she was in my arms, but Beth didn’t seem too worried. I even got to give Maddie a bottle! :-) We are headed over to spend Thanksgiving with Beth and her family, so I’ll bring my camera and hopefully get some pictures!

I have been lazy these past couple of days because I have discovered the world of…. fan fiction. Yep. I found a website of a group of writers who have decided to continue Gilmore Girls on with season 8 and even season 9. While it’s not just like original (really, can anyone else mimic the unique voice that Amy Sherman Palladino gave?), I think they did a pretty good job! I really enjoyed the storylines they had, and the directions they took the characters. The season finale of season 8 especially left me a little teary-eyed, and I think wrapped up the show really well. I know, I spent waaaay too much time catching up with everything, but I enjoyed it.

Other than that, I’m still working on getting my groove with this home-full-time thing. I’m struggling because I can’t sleep at night, and have SUCH a hard time getting myself up in the mornings. I have my alarm set to 8, but with no reason to be up, I often just lay in bed, listening to the Bert Show for an hour. Today though I worked out at the fitness center for the first time in ages! I am proud of myself. I hope this helps with my inability to sleep at night. (Also, I have to say I really like the fitness center at my current complex – much better than the old one.)

That’s about it that’s new. Oh one last thing. I went ahead and finished the music game so be sure to check out the answers that no one guessed. You did well though! I personally thought it was hard, especially for some of the more obscure songs.

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