obligatory last post

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Well I don’t really have time to write but I felt like I should blog one more time before the wedding. I am here in my apartment and all is quiet. I am enjoying this little bit of alone time. I sent all the bridesmaids off to help set up for the rehearsal dinner, and I am just waiting for Beth to get here before we join them. Then the bridesmaids’ luncheon, manicures and pedicures, and rehearsal dinner… And so it begins!

It’s been crazy here these past few days. My hormones have been all out of whack and so I am even more stressed than normal. I have received word from two different people we were counting on who aren’t coming, which is frustrating to be trying to find someone else to fill their roles at this late notice (it’s all okay now). I also have been hearing a lot of complaints about the high gas prices and the cost of making a trip and I can’t help but feel bad. :-( I wish I could pay everyone’s way. I guess I get confused because when I make a trip, I just view cost of gas as a necessary expense – and if I don’t get to do some other things, then it’s worth it to me. I’ve never stressed about gas prices. Maybe I should worry about that more?

But enough of that. I don’t need this added stress. I just have to focus on making sure I get through today, and get through tomorrow, and then it’s all over. Wow, tomorrow…!!! I can’t believe this is happening. I’m kinda scared; my life is going to change forever. I’m excited of course, but I realize there’s no going back! For the rest of my life I am obligated and responsible to someone else. Not that I mind, it’s just different than this past year.

Well, so long readers! This is my last post as “Ashley P”. When I return in a week or so I will be “Ashley B” and I will have a husband. Wow!

hitting the ground running

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This week started by hitting the ground running. After a fairly relaxed weekend, I came in Monday with a bunch of things to take care of, and I worked hard all day. That can be unusual for me, to be able to stay on task all day, so I was delighted. I love feeling productive at the end of the day!

Lunch on Monday consisted of meeting the decorating person, which was beneficial I thought. Then Monday evening brought my parents from Florida – hooray! Monday night we worked on wedding stuff. I’ve been adding two things to my “to do” list with every one thing I cross off. :-) I enjoyed being with my parents. It’s nice to have someone here who can help!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was added stress. On top of making a stupid mistake at work that caused a lot of confusion, I also was very freaked out by the length of my to-do list. I picked up my dress from the cleaners – it looks great! – and took it to Cida’s house to store. Then my parents, Paul, and I went to Shane Co. to get our rings cleaned. You see, back in 1978 my parents bought their engagement ring and wedding bands there, and that is also the place where we bought our engagement ring and wedding bands. I really like that store – if you ever need nice jewelry, I highly recommend it! One of the nice things is that the rings have a lifetime warranty, and so my mom was able to get hers polished and fixed (the prongs were loose; she had already lost one of the 10 small diamonds, and was about to lose the center diamond). My dad got his polished too, and it looks very nice now. Oh yes, and mine is polished – but that wasn’t as much of a change, since I just had it polished a few months ago. Very nice! I’m excited to add the other ring to it. :-)

Okay I’m rambling but I’ve decided not to go back and edit (as I usually do). So ya’ll get to read my raw Ashley version.

Today is my last day of work until August 7th. I will be grateful when I can put 100% of my time and effort into wedding! I think that will relieve a lot of stress. My list grows longer, but slowly I cross things off. I hope that by Friday I can just relax and spend the day with my friends and family!

and so it begins

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We are in the last week before our wedding. Paul and I were talking last night about how today is our last day alone until after we’re married. Tomorrow my parents come, then Thursday his family and the rest of my family come. The rest of the out of town guests will all trickle in between Wednesday and Friday night, with some even coming on Saturday morning. And so it begins.

This weekend has been somewhat of a quiet weekend, for which I’m grateful. Paul and I made a long “to-do” list and we’ve been busy completing that. Yesterday I took my dress to the cleaners to be pressed and ready for wearing. It’s been in a box for 2 years, so it’s somewhat wrinkled. We also went shopping and bought a few more little things. We’re still working on the favors, which are coming along slowly, but the point is they are coming along! My parents being here next week will really help with some of the miscellaneous tasks!

We also made countless lists: packing list for the honeymoon, list of things to take to the church on Friday, list of things for my parents to do. This helps me stay organized. :-) Today I hope to get all the necessary and promised information together for those who requested it. Also, I need to make sure all the bills have been paid before we leave town for a week. I don’t want to come back to an apartment without electricity!

Paul and I are now at my office printing the programs for the wedding, so I am just biding my time while they print. We have been able to enjoy some time alone today, with non-wedding talk. We were at the mall earlier picking up some gifts, and we stopped in the Apple store where I promptly fell in love with the iPod. I have been resisting this for a long time, because iPods seem like such a fad and I like being different (to a certain extent). But I haven’t found an mp3 player that I like the look and feel of as much as the iPod. Paul and I are thinking of getting a Mac computer, for my design and his web development. We’re also going to have a Linux machine and of course a Windows machine, so we’ll be a tri-operating system family. :-) This is all future planning though; for now, my design software (Adobe CS2) is the PC version so getting a Mac for me would be impractical. When I start my graphic design business, though…

We also sold Paul’s car this weekend. We got $300 for it! Well, we will be selling it as soon as we get the title. The certain party whose name the car is in lost the title and we’ve been waiting forever to receive a new one… But it should be here on Monday and we don’t have to worry about the car getting towed (since the plates expired in May, the apartment complex keeps tagging it with “We’re going to tow you” stickers).

I love my car, too. I love that it has the temperature gauge on the dashboard. I love that the dashboard lights turn on automatically when it gets dark. I love that it has a CD player with awesome sound. I love the sunroof. I love all the compartments where I can put things. I love the turning radius – it makes such sharp turns. It’s so much nicer and easier to handle than the Intrepid. I love the keyless entry. I’m still not used to looking for it in parking lots, though!

Well this post has turned rambly. I will try to post this week but no promises. :-)

my how the time flies

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In one week, I will be getting married. Wow!

But more importantly, today is my little brother’s 21st birthday! It seems hard to believe. Just 21 years ago, I was in the hospital asking my mother in my little 2 1/2-year-old-voice, “Who’s the baby’s mommy?”

AJ and I haven’t always gotten along… In fact I can remember one day during church he punched me in the stomach. So much for being good missionary kids. :-) I used to chase him around the playground hitting him though. Wow, now that I think of it, I’m surprised people (i.e. my parents) would allow that! Poor AJ. I think we became friends when I finally learned to listen to my mother and ignore him. Wow, what a difference that made!

Despite the fighting, AJ and I used to play together. We didn’t have many other playmates, so I would convince him to play Barbies with me. “You can play Ken, AJ,” I would say. Then AJ would proceed to give Ken superhuman strength, having him lift cars and other heavy objects, until I protested so much I made him leave. We would play Legos together though, for hours on end. I would give each little person names and personalities, and AJ would build the coolest boats or spaceships (we went back and forth between Lego Island and Lego Spaceship).

AJ also consented to play dolls with us. I had a lot of dolls – a family of 12 actually, and a dog. Each of them had distinct personalities and carefully picked names, plus birthdays I would celebrate on arrival. (Rainbow’s birthday, for example, was 2 weeks ago today… a fact which I acknowleged in an IM to AJ, inviting him over for a birthday dinnner. She would be 16 today. Crazy!) AJ had a bunch of stuffed animals with very creative names like “Bear” and “Dinosaur” and “Bunny”. It was fun, though.

AJ and I went to the same high school for 2 years, before I graduated and went on to college. We had mutual friends during that time, and often hung out together after school. I have fond memories of that time. We used to go to Big Apple Bagels, movies every week in the summer, stuff 9 people in a taxi, watch 3-2-1 Penguins… It’s been really fun to have him as a brother, and I’ve enjoyed being friends with him (much nicer than being enemies!). I hope he moves up to Atlanta so I can spend more time with him. :-)

Happy birthday, AJ!

onward and upward

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It is my pleasure to announce to everyone a new blog that has hit the blogosphere. My best friend Beth and I were talking recently about all the new blogs we discovered through the Blogs of Beauty Awards, and how ecnouraging they were to us. However, we lamented that there weren’t many blogs that really fit our situation – we’re not mothers (yet), we are married (or almost married), we both work full-time, yet we’re fairly conservative with our beliefs. So, we decided start our own blog!

We encourage everyone to come check us out! The title is “Onward and Upward” and the address is http://onward-n-upward.blogspot.com. We will each be posting thoughts about life and Christianity, to encourage other young women (and men too!) through what God has placed on our hearts. We encourage comments and discussion from many people in many walks of life! As a bonus, I decided my first post to that blog would be my thoughts on “home” (as I promised to write about many weeks ago).

I’ll of course still be posting here. This blog will be more personal, so you’ll see less “deep thought” posts – not that you saw many before. ;-) I’ll keep this blog aimed at friends and people who know me (or want to know me on a personal level).

Please visit Onward and Upward and enjoy!