and so it begins

and so it begins

We are in the last week before our wedding. Paul and I were talking last night about how today is our last day alone until after we’re married. Tomorrow my parents come, then Thursday his family and the rest of my family come. The rest of the out of town guests will all trickle in between Wednesday and Friday night, with some even coming on Saturday morning. And so it begins.

This weekend has been somewhat of a quiet weekend, for which I’m grateful. Paul and I made a long “to-do” list and we’ve been busy completing that. Yesterday I took my dress to the cleaners to be pressed and ready for wearing. It’s been in a box for 2 years, so it’s somewhat wrinkled. We also went shopping and bought a few more little things. We’re still working on the favors, which are coming along slowly, but the point is they are coming along! My parents being here next week will really help with some of the miscellaneous tasks!

We also made countless lists: packing list for the honeymoon, list of things to take to the church on Friday, list of things for my parents to do. This helps me stay organized. :-) Today I hope to get all the necessary and promised information together for those who requested it. Also, I need to make sure all the bills have been paid before we leave town for a week. I don’t want to come back to an apartment without electricity!

Paul and I are now at my office printing the programs for the wedding, so I am just biding my time while they print. We have been able to enjoy some time alone today, with non-wedding talk. We were at the mall earlier picking up some gifts, and we stopped in the Apple store where I promptly fell in love with the iPod. I have been resisting this for a long time, because iPods seem like such a fad and I like being different (to a certain extent). But I haven’t found an mp3 player that I like the look and feel of as much as the iPod. Paul and I are thinking of getting a Mac computer, for my design and his web development. We’re also going to have a Linux machine and of course a Windows machine, so we’ll be a tri-operating system family. :-) This is all future planning though; for now, my design software (Adobe CS2) is the PC version so getting a Mac for me would be impractical. When I start my graphic design business, though…

We also sold Paul’s car this weekend. We got $300 for it! Well, we will be selling it as soon as we get the title. The certain party whose name the car is in lost the title and we’ve been waiting forever to receive a new one… But it should be here on Monday and we don’t have to worry about the car getting towed (since the plates expired in May, the apartment complex keeps tagging it with “We’re going to tow you” stickers).

I love my car, too. I love that it has the temperature gauge on the dashboard. I love that the dashboard lights turn on automatically when it gets dark. I love that it has a CD player with awesome sound. I love the sunroof. I love all the compartments where I can put things. I love the turning radius – it makes such sharp turns. It’s so much nicer and easier to handle than the Intrepid. I love the keyless entry. I’m still not used to looking for it in parking lots, though!

Well this post has turned rambly. I will try to post this week but no promises. :-)

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