onward and upward

onward and upward

It is my pleasure to announce to everyone a new blog that has hit the blogosphere. My best friend Beth and I were talking recently about all the new blogs we discovered through the Blogs of Beauty Awards, and how ecnouraging they were to us. However, we lamented that there weren’t many blogs that really fit our situation – we’re not mothers (yet), we are married (or almost married), we both work full-time, yet we’re fairly conservative with our beliefs. So, we decided start our own blog!

We encourage everyone to come check us out! The title is “Onward and Upward” and the address is http://onward-n-upward.blogspot.com. We will each be posting thoughts about life and Christianity, to encourage other young women (and men too!) through what God has placed on our hearts. We encourage comments and discussion from many people in many walks of life! As a bonus, I decided my first post to that blog would be my thoughts on “home” (as I promised to write about many weeks ago).

I’ll of course still be posting here. This blog will be more personal, so you’ll see less “deep thought” posts – not that you saw many before. ;-) I’ll keep this blog aimed at friends and people who know me (or want to know me on a personal level).

Please visit Onward and Upward and enjoy!

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