hitting the ground running

hitting the ground running

This week started by hitting the ground running. After a fairly relaxed weekend, I came in Monday with a bunch of things to take care of, and I worked hard all day. That can be unusual for me, to be able to stay on task all day, so I was delighted. I love feeling productive at the end of the day!

Lunch on Monday consisted of meeting the decorating person, which was beneficial I thought. Then Monday evening brought my parents from Florida – hooray! Monday night we worked on wedding stuff. I’ve been adding two things to my “to do” list with every one thing I cross off. :-) I enjoyed being with my parents. It’s nice to have someone here who can help!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was added stress. On top of making a stupid mistake at work that caused a lot of confusion, I also was very freaked out by the length of my to-do list. I picked up my dress from the cleaners – it looks great! – and took it to Cida’s house to store. Then my parents, Paul, and I went to Shane Co. to get our rings cleaned. You see, back in 1978 my parents bought their engagement ring and wedding bands there, and that is also the place where we bought our engagement ring and wedding bands. I really like that store – if you ever need nice jewelry, I highly recommend it! One of the nice things is that the rings have a lifetime warranty, and so my mom was able to get hers polished and fixed (the prongs were loose; she had already lost one of the 10 small diamonds, and was about to lose the center diamond). My dad got his polished too, and it looks very nice now. Oh yes, and mine is polished – but that wasn’t as much of a change, since I just had it polished a few months ago. Very nice! I’m excited to add the other ring to it. :-)

Okay I’m rambling but I’ve decided not to go back and edit (as I usually do). So ya’ll get to read my raw Ashley version.

Today is my last day of work until August 7th. I will be grateful when I can put 100% of my time and effort into wedding! I think that will relieve a lot of stress. My list grows longer, but slowly I cross things off. I hope that by Friday I can just relax and spend the day with my friends and family!

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