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The title is a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes. These are the lazy, hazy days of summer, which I love. Paul’s two week visit is winding to a close soon, so we have been trying to pack as much fun in as possible. I love the sun on my face – especially when cruising in my dad’s convertible. I love the companionship of my favorite person in the world. And I have lived in Orlando a short enough time to still get excited about all the cool things we can do.

Last weekend we went to Port Canaveral, which is where the Kennedy Space Center (and NASA) are located. It also is one of the biggest cruise-ship ports in the United States. We like to go on Sunday evenings to Jetty Park, and wave goodbye to the cruise ships departing for the Caribbean. Then there is still enough light to play in the waves on the beach, which is what we did.

My parents and Paul and I went last Sunday, and it was so much fun. We stood on the jetty and waved to the cruise ships. As the last one was pulling out, Paul looked down into the water and was like “Look! It’s a sea animal!” I saw a thick body and a wide, flat tail disappear. Could it be…? No, that’s silly… they don’t come out in July… but it was. There were two manatees swimming around in the bay/port area. How cool! It’s very unusual that you see them in the wild, and especially in July. (Going through my head right now is the VeggieTales song “Barbara Manatee, Manatee, Manatee…”)

Here are some pictures of our wonderful day out:

Paul enjoying the cruise boats

Paul and I standing on the jetty… behind us are the launch pads for Kennedy Space Center

My dad says this is the biggest cruise ship in the world. One of the things sticking up on the top is a climbing wall. It’s interesting to see how many activities are loaded onto those boats.

Paul the artist shows off the little sand crab he sculpted. It was really cute. :-)

sneaking online…

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Paul has decided to go shave (good boy! this reminds me of the Rose is Rose comic I saw the other day). Since he is otherwise occupied, I am free to update my blog! Hooray!

Well, first to mention the things that I promised I would. I want to talk about Port Canaveral, but I want to illustrate with pictures, and they are still on Paul’s camera. So I will do that later. I promise.

Spunky got into a spider nest some time ago. At the time of my last post, that was a big thing on my mind. But it doesn’t seem so much anymore. She is doing well now. Poor puppy… my mom said she felt welts all over Spunky’s body. My mom gave her Benadryl. Hehe… dopey Spunky. It was funny. :-)

Apartment plans… As many of you know, I am moving to Fairlane Apartments next fall. (2L! Everyone come visit!) I’ll be living with three other girls I barely know, which will be interesting. We’ve been emailing back and forth recently, trying to decide who’s going to bring what. I feel bad because I’m only going to be there a semester so I can’t bring anything they’re going to need in the spring. So I’m trying to be helpful and getting things that we will use up.

Paul and I registered last Saturday at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. It is so much fun to walk around the store and decide what we want other people to buy us. :-) We’ve put a lot of thought into it; we’re very organized (the girl at BBB was impressed). We’re trying to get whatever’s cheapest at either store, but as far as appliances go, we want to get something that’s going to last. So we used my parent’s online subscription to Consumer Reports to help us with that. Target is generally cheaper than BBB, but its website isn’t very good so we keep having to go back to the store to see if they have this or that. Also, it’s hard because we don’t really know where we’re going to be living or how much stuff either Paul and/or I will need before we get married. But it’s been fun, even to just think about our life together.

Well Paul is back from shaving (yay!) so I have to go now. I will write later. :-)

hooray for cell phones

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My mom informed me that I used 2843 minutes of our night and weekend minutes last month. Wow, whoever thought that in a month one could be on the phone for 2843 minutes. Hooray for cell phones. :-)

Paul and I changed the date for our wedding. No, the main reason was not weather, but that was part of it. The concern about weather was what started us reconsidering the February date, and after a while we realized that we had more positives to a later wedding than earlier. Anyway, the wedding is pushed back to April 9th. I hope everyone can still come. Oh, I should let my bridesmaids know. We would let the groomsmen know, but Paul hasn’t actually informed the guys yet that he wants them to be groomsmen. What is it with guys not wanting to do this? I remember Josh Z. did the same thing.

Oh, there’s so much I want to say… about our trip to Port Canaveral yesterday… about us registering at the store on Saturday… about my dog’s spider bites… about our apartment plans for next fall. But Paul gets annoyed when I sit at the computer so I have to go. Remind me! I don’t want to forget. And I have pictures! (of Port Canaveral) :-) :-)

big changes ahead…

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Paul is still asleep so I don’t feel so bad blogging right now. :-) There are some big changes ahead… pray for us. I don’t want to go into any details right now, but I will later.

As for another thing that’s a big change… My sister, as I have mentioned before, is working at a summer camp in Bailey, Colorado. She’s nearing the end of her summer… She gets back August 7th. She has called once every week or two, and she absolutely loves it out there. She has made some great friends and it’s all outdoorsy which is so Amy.

Well a week or so ago she called my parents and asked if she could stay out in Colorado for their year-round camp and do homeschool. My parents said no, of course, for a lot of reasons. Well Amy called back a few days later to persuade them, hung up on my mom when my mom repeated “no”. Amy’s friend called to plead Amy’s case. The main reason Amy doesn’t want to come back is she is unhappy here… she doesn’t really have any friends, she eats lunch alone all the time, and I think the high school of 4,000 is overwhelming to her.

I told my mom my thoughts. Some people, I believe, can do really well in a large school. Some do better in a small school. Some can do well in a public school, and some do better in a Christian environment. I think Amy needs the small, Christian environment. I think that’s why she made friends at camp so quickly while two years at her high school she still doesn’t know many people. My parents agreed, and so they have been looking at finding a Christian school in Orlando for Amy to transfer to for her last two years of high school.

So big changes for my sister. Please pray for her… Man, I know what it’s like to be somewhere you don’t really want to be, when you’d rather be elsewhere, but sometimes you have to finish out what you started (schooling, etc.). I hope she can see that, and doesn’t turn into a sullen girl when she gets back. And pray for my parents that they’ll make the right decisions… She has two years left; is it worth moving her to a smaller school?


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Well it’s been an incredibly busy few days. After being bored at work for a week or two, they suddenly decided to give me all sorts of work DUE ASAP. Actually, I wasn’t too happy about it. I like being busy, and I’d rather be super busy than super bored (although being super bored I did get to work a lot on my show). However, I don’t like being given a job with very vague descriptions, and then when I inquire being told, “Oh I haven’t thought about it much. Ignore everything on the sheet. I’ll let you know when I think of something.” The job was to create some advertising pieces for Creative Printing and Publishing at an Adobe conference on Wednesday. I worked on it a bit on Friday, and the guy in charge was vaguely saying “Oh I’ll think of something this weekend and let you know.”

Monday and Tuesday I worked on this one job all day, both days leaving at 5:30/5:40 and not taking a lunch break. It was crazy. Wednesday I spent doing all the other jobs that had been put on hold, most of them were due on Tuesday or Wednesday. Same as yesterday… But I’m finally caught up! For now. I designed the pieces, I faxed the customers the proofs, and until I hear back from them, it’s off my plate. I’m finally able to breathe. :-) And think about what I’m designing.

In other news… On Tuesday my dad’s department had an office picnic for dinner. Although I don’t really know the people all that well, it was nice. My dad grilled the burgers and hot dogs. My dad loves to grill, and it’s fun to have these picnics. Yummy. :-) It was held at Moss Park, and anyone who’s been there (like Matt) can testify as to how beautiful it is there. There are lots of tall trees and Spanish moss everywhere overhead. There’s a lake, and water birds, and squirrels, and for any of you who love to camp I definitely recommend Moss Park in Orlando. :-) It’s far away from the touristy-city part, and beautiful… but not too far away so that we can visit it regularly. (It’s down the street from Wycliffe.)

Wednesday the best thing happened this week – Paul came!! I didn’t think he was going to for a little while, because he hadn’t gotten his plates for his car yet… (Long story) But he came anyway and so it’s been nice being with him. For those who don’t know, Paul and I made our first big purchase as a couple – a nice red Pontiac Sunbird. (You can see more pictures here.) It’s very exciting to get this, and Paul now has transportation for the first time! He’s also excited. When he got here on Wednesday, we drove around the block a few times. I made all the necessary changes to the radio – turned the bass up to where it should be (full). ;-) I wish we could drive to places outside the neighborhood, but the car doesn’t have plates yet. Paul’s parents are getting them on Monday and mailing them at that point.

Yesterday was my little bro’s 19th birthday. His girlfriend came over for dinner, and we had a roast and pasta and salad. It was good, especially with my new favorite dressing – Greek Viniagrette. :-) I gave him a lawn/beach chair that was orange and blue and said GATORS on it, and if you knew anything about my brother, you would know it’s a perfect gift for him. :-)

Last night Paul and I did a lot of talking about our wedding registry. I think this is fun, but he doesn’t as much. There is a lot to think about. For example, you register for too much and you don’t get the bare necessities. You register for too expensive things and you don’t get them at all. You register for something that’s cheap and run the risk of it falling apart after a month. And of course if it’s all towels and boring stuff like that, then people don’t enjoy it as much. So we’re trying to get a good mix of everything. We have to decide Bed Bath and Beyond vs. Linens N Things first. The former has a better selection (including the dishes we want) but the latter has more Mexican stuff (for our Mexican themed kitchen).

Okay, I’m sure that last paragraph was boring for everyone. :-) I should go now and finish up these last few jobs I have. Leave for the weekend with everything crossed off my list. :-) Hooray for completed jobs!