big changes ahead…

big changes ahead…

Paul is still asleep so I don’t feel so bad blogging right now. :-) There are some big changes ahead… pray for us. I don’t want to go into any details right now, but I will later.

As for another thing that’s a big change… My sister, as I have mentioned before, is working at a summer camp in Bailey, Colorado. She’s nearing the end of her summer… She gets back August 7th. She has called once every week or two, and she absolutely loves it out there. She has made some great friends and it’s all outdoorsy which is so Amy.

Well a week or so ago she called my parents and asked if she could stay out in Colorado for their year-round camp and do homeschool. My parents said no, of course, for a lot of reasons. Well Amy called back a few days later to persuade them, hung up on my mom when my mom repeated “no”. Amy’s friend called to plead Amy’s case. The main reason Amy doesn’t want to come back is she is unhappy here… she doesn’t really have any friends, she eats lunch alone all the time, and I think the high school of 4,000 is overwhelming to her.

I told my mom my thoughts. Some people, I believe, can do really well in a large school. Some do better in a small school. Some can do well in a public school, and some do better in a Christian environment. I think Amy needs the small, Christian environment. I think that’s why she made friends at camp so quickly while two years at her high school she still doesn’t know many people. My parents agreed, and so they have been looking at finding a Christian school in Orlando for Amy to transfer to for her last two years of high school.

So big changes for my sister. Please pray for her… Man, I know what it’s like to be somewhere you don’t really want to be, when you’d rather be elsewhere, but sometimes you have to finish out what you started (schooling, etc.). I hope she can see that, and doesn’t turn into a sullen girl when she gets back. And pray for my parents that they’ll make the right decisions… She has two years left; is it worth moving her to a smaller school?

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