sneaking online…

sneaking online…

Paul has decided to go shave (good boy! this reminds me of the Rose is Rose comic I saw the other day). Since he is otherwise occupied, I am free to update my blog! Hooray!

Well, first to mention the things that I promised I would. I want to talk about Port Canaveral, but I want to illustrate with pictures, and they are still on Paul’s camera. So I will do that later. I promise.

Spunky got into a spider nest some time ago. At the time of my last post, that was a big thing on my mind. But it doesn’t seem so much anymore. She is doing well now. Poor puppy… my mom said she felt welts all over Spunky’s body. My mom gave her Benadryl. Hehe… dopey Spunky. It was funny. :-)

Apartment plans… As many of you know, I am moving to Fairlane Apartments next fall. (2L! Everyone come visit!) I’ll be living with three other girls I barely know, which will be interesting. We’ve been emailing back and forth recently, trying to decide who’s going to bring what. I feel bad because I’m only going to be there a semester so I can’t bring anything they’re going to need in the spring. So I’m trying to be helpful and getting things that we will use up.

Paul and I registered last Saturday at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. It is so much fun to walk around the store and decide what we want other people to buy us. :-) We’ve put a lot of thought into it; we’re very organized (the girl at BBB was impressed). We’re trying to get whatever’s cheapest at either store, but as far as appliances go, we want to get something that’s going to last. So we used my parent’s online subscription to Consumer Reports to help us with that. Target is generally cheaper than BBB, but its website isn’t very good so we keep having to go back to the store to see if they have this or that. Also, it’s hard because we don’t really know where we’re going to be living or how much stuff either Paul and/or I will need before we get married. But it’s been fun, even to just think about our life together.

Well Paul is back from shaving (yay!) so I have to go now. I will write later. :-)

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