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I feel such a sense of accomplishment! Our house is disorganized at best, and I have found it hard to summon the energy to tackle the mess. (It’s so overwhelming!) Savannah’s bedroom was no exception – it had become a storeroom for all things baby related, to the point where I simply just found a space on the floor for her clean clothes. Part of the problem was that her wardrobe has grown considerably, and I didn’t have a good system for the new clothes so really all the sizes were mixed together. I had a shoebox I was using for her too-small outfits, and I’m sure you can imagine how that was overflowing. :-)

I had been trying to figure out what would be a good solution to the disorganization, and I finally decided some large plastic bins for storage and a bookcase for the closet would do the trick. We got both yesterday and tonight I spent several hours cleaning her room.

The biggest challenge was getting the clothes organized enough that I could easily see what was there, and that her current size was the easiest to grab. I had no conception of what exactly her wardrobe consisted of. For example, a few weeks ago I went out and bought two packages of 6 month size onesies. Then tonight I discovered a whole pile I didn’t know I had! Included in the pile was a set of 5 that are now too small. She never even wore them. :-(

With the help of the bookcase, the clothes are much more accessible now. I also hung up as many as I could, and arranged them in size order – smallest to largest. The bookcase also houses a shelf for her books and a shelf for her toys. Everything is much neater and more accessible now!

I’m so excited about how it all looks. I would take photographs but I’m not quite done. I still want to hang a few pictures, and I’d love to get the crib set up. (It’s in pieces right now.) We don’t have a mattress for it, which is why I haven’t set it up yet. I also am not sure what to do with the stuffed animals – perhaps a net thing hanging from the wall? Overall, I am really happy with the improvement!

Now if I can only accomplish the same in other rooms…

unwed mother look

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When I was around 35 weeks pregnant, my fingers finally swelled to the point where I had to take off my wedding rings. I was really self conscious about being so obviously pregnant and no wedding rings! So I bought a simple gold band that was a size and a half bigger to wear instead. It did the trick, sent the “I’m married” message. When we went up to Indiana last October, I tried on my wedding rings again and was happy they fit! I’ve been wearing them ever since. I wear the other band on my right hand.

Over Christmas, I started having trouble with my finger breaking out in a rash right around where the wedding rings were. I have a lot of trouble with sensitive skin, so I am no stranger to jewelry making my skin break out. In fact, I can’t wear cheap jewelry at all – that’s why I rarely wear jewelry.

The rash went away, so I put my rings back on and went on my merry way. Then last week the same thing happened. I took off my rings, but because I was traveling I ended up wearing them before it completely healed so I wouldn’t lose them. Finally yesterday I was fed up with the itchiness so I went to Shane Co, where we bought the rings. She cleaned the rings for me, and suggested my skin might be changing because of having a baby.

So now I’m back to the unwed mother look, though now I have a nice ring-shaped rash on my left hand! It was a big blister yesterday, but today it’s much better. I have to leave the rings off until it completely heals. She also suggested I take them off whenever I get my hands wet (like for dishes; I already take them off for showers).

I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else? I have been wearing the engagement ring for 4 years now, and the two rings combined for 3 1/2 years. Why would all of the sudden my skin break out? And why is the other ring – the one I bought last July that is now on my right hand – completely fine? And if it is hormones, why did it not break out until over 2 months after I had put the rings back on?

I hope it heals soon!

By the way, if you have sensitive skin too, I have had great success with Simply Whispers jewelry.

dear savannah: five months

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Yay for the New Year!

Dear Savannah,

Today you are five months old. You continue to grow and develop in leaps and bounds. It’s been so fun watching you interact with your environment! This month has also marked a lot of firsts: first Christmas, first New Year’s, first snowfall, first time on an airplane, first visit to New England, and first visit to the city that shares your name. You added two states to your travels, bringing the total to 8 states you have visited! (9 if you count the layover in North Carolina.)

You had an ear infection this month, poor baby. :-( The doctor prescribed an antibiotic which we gave you twice a day for 10 days. You had a lot of trouble taking that eyedropper! You didn’t mind the Infant Tylenol we gave you – perhaps you liked the taste better?

Settling down for a long winter's nap

You have really been interacting with your toys now. You are starting to teethe, so everything goes in your mouth. You have learned how to pick up your paci and put it in your mouth, though sometimes you get it backwards which is quite cute. You will hold onto toys and grab the toys hanging from your bouncer. Sometimes you get really excited and wave your arms and feet wildly, knocking toys everywhere!

Mommy and Savannah

You aren’t rolling over yet, but you’re doing well with sitting up. Sometimes you can sit up all by yourself, though you’re not very steady. You like to sit in your Bumbo which hopefully is helping you! Yesterday you discovered your toes, and several times I noticed you holding onto them. You also tried to catch Lewis’ tail once when he was sitting with his tail dangling in front of you. I’m sure the first time you succeed will be the last time Lewis does that. A few times, when the kitties have been close enough, you will reach out and act like you are petting them. I was so excited to see that!

Around Christmas, you weighed 15lbs and were 25 inches tall. You are wearing a lot of your 6 month size clothes already. You’ve even grown out of some of your 3 month sizes! But I’m glad you are growing big
and strong.

A present for Savannah!

You seemed to enjoy your Christmases (one with your Florida family on Dec. 25th and one with your Massachusetts family on Jan. 19th). You made an attempt at tearing the wrapping paper on your presents! You have proven yourself to be a good traveler. We even stayed overnight at a hotel in Savannah, GA on our way to Florida and you did great! I was worried about the plane ride on the way to New England last week, but you didn’t seem to be bothered at all. In fact, during the last flight, you slept the entire time, including the takeoff and landing! You must have been so tired.

I can’t believe you are 5 months old already. Time does pass so fast. I look forward to all the new and interesting ways you’ll grow in this upcoming month.

Love, Mommy

Savannah and her great-grandma

Savannah's baptism

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I meant to write this post before we left for New England, but it didn’t happen. I am back in Atlanta now and trying to get caught up!

Paul and I attend and are members of a Presbyterian church (PCA) here in Atlanta. In our denomination, we baptize our infants. I was going to do a post on infant baptism, but I didn’t want to start a debate on the subject here on my blog. So I’ll link to this article which explains the biblical grounds behind infant baptism quite thoroughly. In short, we had Savannah baptized as a symbol of being part of the Covenant Community. This is a bit different from Believer’s baptism, which is a public declaration of salvation. And to correct a common misconception – we don’t believe that baptism saves the child. If you’d like to dialogue more, or would like to debate this topic further, then I point you here.

On January 10th, Savannah was baptized. My mom sewed a baptismal gown for Savannah, and she and my dad came up for the event. The gown was beautiful! And Savannah did very well. When she didn’t have her hand in her mouth, she actually started “singing” while we were up front, which amused me.

Savannah's baptism
“I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…”

Paul, Savannah, me, and my mom
Paul, Savannah, me, and my mom

Paul and Savannah
I love this picture!

Pretty dress!
Such a pretty girl! I told her that Anne Shirley would be proud of her puffed sleeves!

Savannah’s River costume

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For our Firefly party this weekend, I spent a while trying to think of a good costume for Savannah. At first I was just going to go with a generic baby – I found a pattern of a cute little dress with a pinafore, a la 19th century old west. It seemed appropriate. Then I realized, why not dress her up as one of the characters? I knew immediately that I wanted to do River Tam. Savannah’s middle name is, after all, River. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off since I haven’t really sewn anything before, but I am excited to say I think her costume looks great!

First, I used this picture for inspiration.

I found a pattern for a pretty simple dress, and got red fabric. Then I got some gold brocade fabric for the vest thing. My mom was visiting this past weekend, so she helped me make the red dress and I did the gold vest by myself. They aren’t perfect, but don’t look half bad for my first attempt! I’m excited. Here are pictures of Savannah:

River costume

River costume

How cute are these boots?
River boots
I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find the right boots, but they had some great ones at Target! (I bought the boots first – I wouldn’t have done the River costume otherwise.)

The vest goes down and around in the back.
River costume

River costume
Look, she’s sitting up all by herself! :-) I was able to get this picture before she fell over, hehe. Still – she’s doing well at the sitting up thing! Now we just need to work on rolling over…

So what do you think? Did I capture the look okay? It was a lot of fun to make River’s, I mean Savannah’s, dress, and I’m excited to be sewing! I keep getting excited about putting my sewing machine to good use!