unwed mother look

unwed mother look

When I was around 35 weeks pregnant, my fingers finally swelled to the point where I had to take off my wedding rings. I was really self conscious about being so obviously pregnant and no wedding rings! So I bought a simple gold band that was a size and a half bigger to wear instead. It did the trick, sent the “I’m married” message. When we went up to Indiana last October, I tried on my wedding rings again and was happy they fit! I’ve been wearing them ever since. I wear the other band on my right hand.

Over Christmas, I started having trouble with my finger breaking out in a rash right around where the wedding rings were. I have a lot of trouble with sensitive skin, so I am no stranger to jewelry making my skin break out. In fact, I can’t wear cheap jewelry at all – that’s why I rarely wear jewelry.

The rash went away, so I put my rings back on and went on my merry way. Then last week the same thing happened. I took off my rings, but because I was traveling I ended up wearing them before it completely healed so I wouldn’t lose them. Finally yesterday I was fed up with the itchiness so I went to Shane Co, where we bought the rings. She cleaned the rings for me, and suggested my skin might be changing because of having a baby.

So now I’m back to the unwed mother look, though now I have a nice ring-shaped rash on my left hand! It was a big blister yesterday, but today it’s much better. I have to leave the rings off until it completely heals. She also suggested I take them off whenever I get my hands wet (like for dishes; I already take them off for showers).

I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else? I have been wearing the engagement ring for 4 years now, and the two rings combined for 3 1/2 years. Why would all of the sudden my skin break out? And why is the other ring – the one I bought last July that is now on my right hand – completely fine? And if it is hormones, why did it not break out until over 2 months after I had put the rings back on?

I hope it heals soon!

By the way, if you have sensitive skin too, I have had great success with Simply Whispers jewelry.

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  1. AJ and I both have problems with our rings. I get a weird rash under mine, but I have the same sensitivity issues. I have to get mine re-plated at Shane whenever we are close to one (mine are white gold). We went with the white that because we were told that the plating keeps the reactions down. I am more likely to get break outs on my periods, so there is something hormonal there. U am wondering if you started ovulating again and that is why it took so long to break out?

    AJ will have problems if he gets a sore on his finger. The ring makes it worse because he gets sweat and water under it and makes the sore worse, then it does this weird red thing and looks awful. Maybe that is an option, you got a small scratch and that allowed the gold in contact with more sensitive skin?

  2. Molly – that happened early October, so I’d be surprised if it is just now affecting it… unless hormones are just funky like that? Interesting about the sore… I wonder if that’s the issue… I haven’t really paid attention at all.

    Nichole: That’s actually why I went to the jeweler, to ask if there was some sort of coating or plating, but she said that’s only done with white gold. (My rings are yellow gold.) She said my only other option would be to move to platinum, but I would cry if I had to change to a silver color for my rings. :-(

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