home again

home again

It was a delightful trip but seemed too short. Paul and I, along with Lewis and Ebony, drove back to Atlanta last night. We are so glad to be home. I wasn’t feeling all that well, so we stopped at exit 5 and checked out the $3 bookstore. That made me happy and I felt much better afterwards. I picked up a book about a subject on which I am intending to write a blog post in the near future. I wanted to research before writing, so I am excited to have some resources.

On the way up, we had a long talk about 2007 and where we’d like to see ourselves in this coming year. I am mostly worried because if I continue in my current trend, I will just be gaining weight and broke, not to mention disorganized and messy. I need some major lifestyle changes… But how to accomplish without overwhelming myself? I think I might spend this coming weekend pondering that, and hopefully come up with a reasonable New Year’s plan. We have a good idea of where we want to be, but getting there is the tricky part.

But back to our vacation… AJ took Paul and I to Universal Studios for my birthday, which was fun. I was nervous because I hate rides but I was able to find a lot to do that wasn’t “scary”. I especially enjoy the Twister exhibit, the earthquake exhibit/ride, and even the Terminator one. We had a fun, long day, and I was exhausted. The next day Paul treated me to a pedicure and they had this stuff they put on your legs and feet to “soothe aching muscles”. It felt sooo nice! And I have pretty toes. :-) We spent the day after my birthday running errands and shopping with my mom, and then a special beef-a-roni dinner and ice cream cake for dessert. Then we watched “Cars” (finally!) which was enjoyed by all. The trip passed too quickly… I miss getting 2 weeks for Christmas like we did at school!

This weekend is New Year’s…. I am not sure what we’re doing. Paul is working on New Year’s Day, so we really can’t stay up late on New Year’s Eve, which means we can’t go anywhere. I suppose we’ll just have a quiet evening to ourselves. I have lots of ambitious plans this weekend anyways, including packing up the Christmas things and setting up our office, and setting up the bookcases (getting rid of a ton of boxes in the process). Exciting stuff!

Okay off to work. Gotta get a lot done today. I can’t believe it’s Friday! :-p

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