I am exhausted right now. More than just tired… exhausted like I’m sick or something. It’s weird. I had dinner with an old friend from a missions trip five years ago, which was a good evening. I like the little breaks of seeing people I know.

So I’ve been in the process of moving my website to the server that we got. It’s all messed up right now and so when you go to ashleydesign.org it takes you to Google, which is annoying. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. I don’t know what I’m doing. :-p But once I get this working, then I’ll say goodbye to my CSS account forever. :-( sadness… But the good news is that now I have the space to develop my website further, because right now I don’t really need my portfolio online, although I do love showing off what I’m proud of! ;-) As I said, I’m eventually going to move this blog to that site, kinda like how Matt does with his website and blog.

Oh, Lewis went to the vet yesterday for a checkup and is doing much better. I guess the medicine and the special food are working well. He didn’t yell when the vet pressed on his tummy, like he did last time. I decided not to pursue getting the apartments to take responsibility for it, but I told them that they should be careful in the future for apartments where there are animals. I would have never have thought that ash could be so bad for kitties, and I think they were a little surprised too.

Okay, back to playing with this hosting server some more! :-)

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