thankful for friends

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Originally published on November 30, 2006 at Onward & Upward

One thing I was very thankful for this year was the opportunity to spend time with my dear friend Beth, her husband, and her parents & sister! I enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal with them, and also shopping with Beth on Saturday. She came over to see our new townhouse, then we hit the mall. Fun times! I hope to make a visit to Texas to see her sometime in the next year or so. Having friends so far away is sad, but I’m thankful that I have gotten to see her so much!

I of course forgot my camera on Thanksgiving Day but we took a few pictures on Saturday!

My cats, Lewis and Ebony, weren’t as thrilled as we were about the pictures! (Beth made that quilt that’s behind us for my wedding – isn’t it pretty?)

Best friends!

Hooray for shoe shopping! :-) We have similar tastes when it comes to shoes :-) (The khaki pants in the background are not us)

more admin stuff…

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So apparently my spam comment blocker has recently decided to block some legitimate comments. Therefore, if your comment does not appear after you’ve submitted it, email me and let me know. I’ll try to keep an eye on the list of blocked comments to catch any legit ones. My email address is on the sidebar.

the good news and the bad

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The good news:

This weekend I cleaned the house and took a lot of pictures! I took pictures of our whole downstairs, of our Thanksgiving meal with my BIL on Sunday, and pictures of Beth & I hanging out on Saturday. Amy took lots of pictures of Lewis and Ebony, and of our Christmas tree and Paul and I being all “first Christmasy” and sitting in front of it. In fact, I have 157 pictures on my camera! (Of course the first few of those are from New England.)

The bad news:

My card reader, which had broken and only worked sometimes, is now officially lost and so I only have the cable to get files off my camera. However, the cable is very slow and doesn’t follow the standard naming convention of my files, so I have only been using it to get the specific pictures off I need (i.e. trip from New England). SO… long story short, you won’t be getting any pictures until I get another card reader! That could be soon, since I am getting annoyed at the cable and at having so many pictures on my camera. And I want to put up pictures of our new townhouse.

The other bad news:

I have a flat tire (again!) so I have to deal with that at lunch today. However, perhaps tomorrow I will get a chance to run over to the store and get another card reader, especially since I want to blog about the Thanksgiving meal before Thanksgiving is long over. So have patience yet…

memories… like the corners of my mind

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I originally posted this on my Onward and Upward blog. Please go there to leave your thoughts/comments!

A few weeks ago, Paul and I rented Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (starring Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet). I had it recommended to me by several people as a movie I would enjoy, and they were right (I love it when people know me so well they can correctly recommend movies!).

The premise of the movie is about this couple, Joel and Clementine, who are in a serious relationship for a few years. Then they have a fight, and Clementine goes to a clinic that erases memories for you. Joel finds out that Clementine has erased her memory of him, and decides to get the same procedure. However, as they’re erasing his memories, he discovers that not all memories are bad, even if a relationship didn’t work out. It made me think of memories and the role of them in our lives. I like it when movies challenge me to think, and it’s especially nice when it can lead into a discussion between Paul and I.

I shrugged the movie off as “something interesting to think about, but unrealistic” until this morning. I saw this article and video clip about a new drug that, when taken, is supposed to make certain memories less poignant. It’s rather interesting – having to do with suppressing the adrenaline that makes you remember things (“suppressing” perhaps is the wrong word, but from the article that’s my understanding). The obvious benefit is for people who struggle with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), such as rape or a bad car accident. It makes me think of my boss’ grandmother who accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the interstate. A drug like this could help her (another others) able to function in life without the horrific memories replaying themselves over and over in their mind.

And of course the downside – what limits would be placed on such a drug? How about an unconfessed murderer wanting to forget the crime he committed? Perhaps the protagonist of Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, or Raskolnikov of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment would have appreciated something like this!

So I’m curious – would you take a drug that could help erase negative memories? And supposing it would be able to regulate the use so only true sufferers of PTSD would be able to take it – do you think it would be a positive thing for them?

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what to say

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I had a horrible dream last night that involved putting my cats to sleep, so I apologize if this post sounds somber.

I have a lot to say, about Thanksgiving with the Kirschner’s, decorating our new place for Christmas, my sister visiting, random road trips up to Buford at 1 in the morning to look at stars… But to be honest, I have had no desire to actually sit down and compose a post. So I’ll attempt today.

Paul and I are starting our own holiday traditions. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about traditions, and how they are very, very important to me. I don’t necessarily want to be a stick-in-the-mud, but I don’t want to “mix everything up” every year. I think it stems back to so much change in my life. I was thinking about my childhood and how there were very few constants in my life, but one thing we did do every year was watch Christmas movies. No matter whether Christmas was in the summer or the winter, or if it’s with extended family or not, or if we have a Christmas tree or not, we always had our Jimmy Stuart, Bing Crosby, Maureen O’Hara, Charlie Brown. Paul, Amy, and I watched “Miracle on 34th Street” (the old one, of course) Thanksgiving night – Paul and I both want to make that movie a Thanksgiving tradition. It brought back so many memories; I’m glad some things are the same! We also decorated for Christmas yesterday (same time as last year). Paul had to work, so Amy and I did it ourselves and I am happy with the result! Susan, we even used the triangles from my old curtains! So that’s another tradition we want to start – decorating the weekend following Thanksgiving. And playing Christmas music as we drive home from Thanksgiving dinner. :-)

When Paul got home from work, we went and bought a Christmas tree. Yay! Apparently you’re supposed to let it sit a day before you decorate it. Bah. So today we can put the ornaments and lights on! Paul and I decided that next year (or whenever he gets a job where he doesn’t have to work the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving) we want to drive up to a Christmas tree farm and chop down our own tree! I am sitting in the living room now looking at the tree and breathing in the delicious smell. Ah! How could anyone pass this up for one of those fake ones? (I must say that I grew up with an artificial tree because it was hard to find real Christmas trees in Lima, Peru.) And then I got some lovely scented candles (I think Target has the BEST scented candles!) and my apartment now smells all homey and lovely. Tonight, after the tree is decorated, my sister is going to take a picture of Paul and I and the cats in front of the tree. Our first Christmas. :-)

So really, that’s what’s been going on in my life. Among other things. But if you’d like to know the other things, then you should call me. :-) Our phone number hasn’t changed since we moved, so no excuses!

And that’s all for today, since I am getting cold and am thinking about my nice warm bed. (I got up because of my dream, so we’re back to the first paragraph of this post.) Happy Thanksgiving to all and Merry Christmas! :-)