the good news and the bad

the good news and the bad

The good news:

This weekend I cleaned the house and took a lot of pictures! I took pictures of our whole downstairs, of our Thanksgiving meal with my BIL on Sunday, and pictures of Beth & I hanging out on Saturday. Amy took lots of pictures of Lewis and Ebony, and of our Christmas tree and Paul and I being all “first Christmasy” and sitting in front of it. In fact, I have 157 pictures on my camera! (Of course the first few of those are from New England.)

The bad news:

My card reader, which had broken and only worked sometimes, is now officially lost and so I only have the cable to get files off my camera. However, the cable is very slow and doesn’t follow the standard naming convention of my files, so I have only been using it to get the specific pictures off I need (i.e. trip from New England). SO… long story short, you won’t be getting any pictures until I get another card reader! That could be soon, since I am getting annoyed at the cable and at having so many pictures on my camera. And I want to put up pictures of our new townhouse.

The other bad news:

I have a flat tire (again!) so I have to deal with that at lunch today. However, perhaps tomorrow I will get a chance to run over to the store and get another card reader, especially since I want to blog about the Thanksgiving meal before Thanksgiving is long over. So have patience yet…

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