some very sad news

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I just got a rather shocking email today from my former Taylor roommate.

I have some shocking, beyond human comprehension news to share with those of you who have been so diligently praying for Laura over the past weeks. I won’t go into much detail, but I wanted to inform you all that today, at about noon I found out that the girl that the VanRyn family has been taking care of over the past 5 weeks is Whitney Cerak, not Laura. Please check the blog for more details (

All I can say is…. wow… One family very happy, and one family sudden grief. I am confused and wondering, but as my roommate said, God is in control.

Please pray for the VanRyn family as they adjust to this news. I realize as I look at this post that while I entitled it “some very sad news”, I also realize that to many people, it’s very happy news. I’m still in shock, as I am sure they are even more. Please keep praying for them.

(Laura on the left, Whitney on the right)

For more information: Article on Taylor’s website, Blog post by Laura’s sister, article on

baby Paul

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So I’ve been going through old pictures for the slideshow for our wedding, and I came across this one of Paul. I think he’s the cutest little thing. :-) (He’s going to hate me for posting this!)

Aww. :-)

EDIT: Becky provided a most excellent caption: “Naval Captain Superman reporting as ordered, sir!”

P.S. Paul updated his blog! He makes no promises for consistent future posts, though.

happy Memorial Day!

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It’s been an exciting and productive weekend so far! Paul had to work Saturday, so I spent the day running errands and doing laundry. I also had the chance to clean my room (finally!). I finished the thank-you notes for the wedding shower we had a few weeks ago, and that evening Paul and I stamped and sealed the invitations! Yesterday we dropped them all off at the post office. It’s very exciting. :-)

On Saturday I redeemed a gift certificate I had for a manicure & pedicure. That was an interesting experience. I think, in retrospect, I really wish I had gone with someone who was more experienced than me in this area. I didn’t know the procedure and I felt awkward. I was unimpressed with the manicure – I don’t have long nails to work with, mostly – but the pedicure was oh so nice! I enjoyed being girly. And I have bright pink/purple polish on my toes now. Just in time for Joanna’s wedding. ;-)

Speaking of Joanna’s wedding – that’s this Saturday! I’m really excited. I got to talk to Joanna this weekend as I was trying to make sure I had everything I need, and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I also realized I only have a three-day week this week because I am leaving on Friday for Indiana. :-) I am looking forward to this little break, and seeing some Taylor folk again, and of course seeing Joanna get married!

Paul and I are trying to get my car in the shop this weekend while I’m gone so I can get a few things taken care of before I head up to Michigan on June 16th for Ann & David’s wedding. I hope it’s nothing too serious, or too expensive. :-( I’m trying to be better about taking care of things when they aren’t right, instead of just letting them go. The same goes with my body – as soon as the wedding is over, I am going to make an appointment with a doctor. I’m wondering if all these symptoms – the headaches, the dizziness, the fainting – are all related. :-/

Okay this is a long, eclectic post. :-) I am going to go enjoy the rest of my holiday now! Happy Memorial Day, ya’ll!

home sick

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So I left work at 9:30 am yesterday because I was sick. :-( I hate being sick. I think I had a migraine, but it was weird – it didn’t hurt as bad as they usually do, but it was making me sick to my stomach. I was afraid to take medicine in fear that it would just come up again… Finally I decided to try, and in 1/2 hour my headache went away! Praise God. :-) I still felt pretty weak and dizzy, but Paul came home from work and took care of me. :-) He even watched “Ice Princess” with me! That’s one of my top “feel-good” movies. :-)

What bugs me is that 2 months’ worth of sick days were used up yesterday. :-( And I didn’t even get to enjoy my day off! Or get anything done. *sigh*

My favorite part about staying home yesterday was the fact that I got to sleep with my kitties. I miss them so much, living at Ann’s. Her cats are nice, but they’re not like MY cats. Lewis and Ebony seemed to enjoy me being home, too – they were all curled up next to me and at times Lewis would come over and gently rub my face with his face and purr. Aww, I miss them!

So…. Memorial Day this weekend! I’m pretty sure Paul is working (he doesn’t get holidays off), but that’s okay because I have a lot to do! Mostly wedding planning stuff. On Monday we’re going to the Garrison’s house for dinner, and talk about the menu for the wedding! :-) I’m excited to see them again, too.

I can’t think of anything else to say. I had a dream a few nights ago about who would win American Idol, but my dream was wrong. *shrugs* I guess it goes to show that you can’t always trust your dreams. I don’t even watch American Idol.

EDIT: Glad to see that I’m not the only one who disagrees with the media’s critique of Britney.

two things

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It’s late, and I really should head home. I have two things to say:

1) If I emailed you for your address, PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK! And if you’re a friend of Paul’s, please don’t assume he is going to contact you and just send your address anyways. (Boys! What is it with them??) Sheesh. How hard is it to hit “reply”? A lot easier than me trying to figure out where to send an invitation. (This rant is useless, since I’m pretty sure any of the offending parties do not read this blog. Sigh.)

The good news is I am done with all the invitations! Aside from those addresses I do not yet have.

2) A while ago, Cida came and did a beautiful drawing on my whiteboard of me in my wedding dress. I am including a nice picture here for your enjoyment. I haven’t wanted to erase it, but I suppose I have to someday, or get another whiteboard. :-p My favorite is the little kitties in the tree. :-)