some very sad news

some very sad news

I just got a rather shocking email today from my former Taylor roommate.

I have some shocking, beyond human comprehension news to share with those of you who have been so diligently praying for Laura over the past weeks. I won’t go into much detail, but I wanted to inform you all that today, at about noon I found out that the girl that the VanRyn family has been taking care of over the past 5 weeks is Whitney Cerak, not Laura. Please check the blog for more details (

All I can say is…. wow… One family very happy, and one family sudden grief. I am confused and wondering, but as my roommate said, God is in control.

Please pray for the VanRyn family as they adjust to this news. I realize as I look at this post that while I entitled it “some very sad news”, I also realize that to many people, it’s very happy news. I’m still in shock, as I am sure they are even more. Please keep praying for them.

(Laura on the left, Whitney on the right)

For more information: Article on Taylor’s website, Blog post by Laura’s sister, article on

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