we're going camping now, we're on our way!

we're going camping now, we're on our way!

* Title courtesy of Psalty’s Kids Praise! 5… A little piece of my childhood :-)

So, the car is packed… the checklisted is all checked… and I have a few minutes to spare until I need to leave. I’m going to pick Paul up from work and then we’re going to head to Rising Fawn, Georgia to go camping! I’m really excited. This is our first camping trip together. I grew up camping when I was a girl, so I’m excited to do this again. And we’re bringing the puppy with us, so it should be fun. ;-)

We spent all week this week getting ready. We had gotten a lot of stuff for our wedding, intending to start camping last fall. However, we were still missing a few things – namely, a tent. We ended up never going last fall, but we did spend lots of months looking for an awesome tent. I did some research, visiting REI several times, and this week we picked up the tent. Let me tell you, it’s HUGE! (We’re only intending to go car camping, so we got a four-person tent on the recommendation of several people) It fits very nicely two sleeping bags, a dog crate, and perhaps – someday – a Pack ‘N Play? Paul and I set the tent up in our living room and slept in it two nights this week. Fun fun. :-)

Another thing we got are two books: The Best in Tent Camping: Georgia, and The Best in Tent Camping: The Carolinas. They seem like really useful and informative books. We plan to use them as guides and add our own notes to them as we visit the various campgrounds in the area. We’ll let you know if they are worth the buy. :-)

So other exciting news that kinda relates is that Paul’s schedule has changed. He is now working 7am-3pm Tuesdays through Saturdays. That’s really good, because now he has a two-day weekend! That will help with the various trips we are planning to take this summer. My boss also said they might work something out with me to work an occasional Saturday in return for getting a Monday off. That would be happy, even if we stay in town. :-)

Well the hour has come; I must be off!! If you need us this weekend call either of our cell phones. Ta-ta for now!

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