two things

two things

It’s late, and I really should head home. I have two things to say:

1) If I emailed you for your address, PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK! And if you’re a friend of Paul’s, please don’t assume he is going to contact you and just send your address anyways. (Boys! What is it with them??) Sheesh. How hard is it to hit “reply”? A lot easier than me trying to figure out where to send an invitation. (This rant is useless, since I’m pretty sure any of the offending parties do not read this blog. Sigh.)

The good news is I am done with all the invitations! Aside from those addresses I do not yet have.

2) A while ago, Cida came and did a beautiful drawing on my whiteboard of me in my wedding dress. I am including a nice picture here for your enjoyment. I haven’t wanted to erase it, but I suppose I have to someday, or get another whiteboard. :-p My favorite is the little kitties in the tree. :-)

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