what the doctor said

what the doctor said

Today I was finally able to get an appointment with the doctor!

She said I have mastitis really bad. It’s weird – usually mastitis gives you bad fevers, but I haven’t really gotten them. I haven’t had a fever every day, and when I do I’m sure it doesn’t go above 99. However, I took my temperature the other day and it was 96.1 so maybe 99 is a high fever for me…

I got a prescription for an antibiotic. I’m supposed to take it for 2 weeks, and it’s supposed to clear up the infection, and the clog. I hope it works! Last time I had mastitis (when Savannah was two weeks old) the antibiotic did the trick. Here’s to hoping…!

My doctor called in the prescription and I went to the pharmacy to pick it up. However, they didn’t have it in stock so I have go back tomorrow. :-( I was sad about that.

In the meantime, I read that Vitamin C and raw garlic really help mastitis. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I had Paul run to the store and get some garlic and Vit C tablets. (Unfortunately, orange juice seems to be one thing that doesn’t agree with Savannah so I have been avoiding it, which is why I opted for the tablets.) I took some tonight – swallowing the garlic like pills, blech! I also took some ibuprofen for the pain. Right now I feel much better and able to tackle things. I hope that by Friday I’m feeling a ton better!!

This weekend will be 3 weeks since I got the clogged duct. It’s been too long… I’m worried about any permanent damage that might be left. :-(

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  1. I took it last night just like a pill and it wasn’t bad at all. I cut it up into 10 small pieces and swallowed two at a time, along with 4 pills of ibuprofen and 1 Vitamin C tablet.

  2. I know what you mean about the fever. I NEVER get one about 99. I have had some major infections and never gotten a fever. I have to fight really hard with doctors about that fact.

    I have also had some good luck with garlic – if I can catch the infection in the beginning phases, but once it is a full infection I have to have antibiotics to kill it. I haven’t tried them together, but they should work well together.

    Hope you get to feeling much better before this weekend!

  3. I’m so glad you saw the doctor and now have meds. This has gone on too long for you!

    Steven has a regular temperature of about 97.1. Some people just run low like that, so yes, 99 could be a raging fever for you.

  4. On the road to recovery! You should get a round of applause for hanging in there this long with so much pain!

  5. I talked to Daniel about this (since he works at a whole foods sort of local grocery store) and he said his mom would use fenugreek. It’s an herb that can help open the ducts but it also stimulates milk production so he wouldn’t recommend using it if you feel you already produce too much milk. It can be taken in crude herb (pill), tea, or tincture form but tincture seems to be the most effective. He said they sell a LOT of it at the store to nursing mothers since it’s safe for nursing moms and babies. I’m sorry I didn’t know about this sooner! I hope the antibiotic helps. It sounds so painful!

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