back home again

back home again

Well, it was a long drive but I made it back to Atlanta! It actually wasn’t too bad. I made good time, getting here in about 10 hours which is an hour less than previous trips. I listened to a book on tape on the way up and back, and I really think that helps me. I like that I can check them out from the library and not have to pay money (unlike Cracker Barrel, which isn’t expensive but money nonetheless). I listened to “Prodigal Summer” by Barbara Kingsolver, which I’ll comment on more after I’m done (I have a tape and a half left).

Overall, it was a good trip although I think I misjudged by going Wednesday-Sunday… It would have been nice to take advantage of Sunday also as a day to spend time with people, since most everyone had other things to do during the weekdays. I feel like I got to see everyone, though, which was important.

My favorite quote of the weekend was by Joanna, who was telling Alisse where a restaurant was in Gaston. She described the location: “Turn left at the blinking light.” I laughed, only in small-town Indiana do you give directions “at the blinking light”. I remember the directions for getting to a sanitary beach along the desert coastal area of Peru: Take the Panamericana Sur and turn right at the tree. (The beach was almost an hour away from Lima.)

Margaret and I went driving and at one point stopped at a random intersection of two Indiana country roads and took pictures. I was telling her that I had trouble explaining to my coworkers what “middle of cornfields” was like. Pictures from this to follow. :-) Also, a lot of thoughts about being observant… which tie into the book I’m listening to.

Ann, Joanna, and I all had dinner on Thursday night and realized that all three of us are getting married this summer. That was fun. :-) I spent some time with Alisse, Matt‘s girlfriend, and I really enjoyed getting to know her more. I wish I could have spent time with her when I was still at Taylor. Sometimes I wonder if I jipped myself by graduating early.

I wasn’t expecting to see Melissa, but I did and that made me happy. I don’t know when I’ll get to see her next, especially since she’s headed to Asia sometime in the future. I’m excited for her, but Asia is far away. :-(

I picked up my yearbook from last year! That was exciting, but it seems so weird that I was just at Taylor last year. It seems so far away.

Wow, lots of thoughts and reflections; I feel a bit sober tonight thinking about everything. Big changes ahead… My past colliding with my present as it changes to my future… Welcome to life. :-) I have a lot I want to say, but I think I’m going to bed early tonight.

Tomorrow is Paul’s birthday! :-) Everyone wish him a happy birthday and give him a call!! (Ask me if you don’t have his #.)

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