24 reasons

24 reasons

The song that’s going through my head right now is that Switchfoot song “Twenty-Four”:
Twenty four oceans
Twenty four skies
Twenty four failures
Twenty four tries

But that isn’t what this post is about. I am at work right now, taking advantage of the Internet here because my computer blew up today. Hehe. I love how dramatic that sounds. You really have to picture me as Anne Shirley right now, telling the story (although somehow Anne and computers don’t really go together). When I was home for lunch today, I suddenly heard a small explosion and my computer turned off. I could smell a strong distasteful odor, like burning rubber. I pulled out my handy-dandy toolbox and took apart my computer (ah, this is reminiscant of the time the fan died in my computer a few years ago, and Tree came into our room and found me sitting there with computer parts all around me looking confused). After calling my brother the diagnosis is that the power supply is definitely kaput, and hopefully nothing else. After being assured that my apartment was not going to burn down, and that it was unlikely that I lost all my data (and I was also gently reminded that I really should buy a CD or DVD burner so I can back up my compuer), I felt better and here I am now, at work, feeling like I have nothing left for me at home without the use of my computer.

(For those who are quite concerned about the outcome of this tragedy, I am being taken care of by a loving brother and fiance who are going to magically make everything better and bring my computer back to life.)

In the meantime, I am blogging at work because it is important that I post this today. For today is my beloved’s birthday. Happy Birthday!! I wish I could be there to help him celebrate today, but the happy news is that I will get to see him in only 6 more days (or so). In the meantime, I wanted to do something special for him.

Today is Paul’s 24th birthday, and here are 24 reasons why I love him, in no particular order: (I really hope you all know him too because he is really an incredible person!)

1. He is kind and unselfish – to everyone, even people he doesn’t care for that much.
2. He has a servant’s heart, and is cheerfully willing to do anything for anyone.
3. He is a great listener, even when I’m just blabbing (I do that a lot).
4. He puts others before himself.
5. He gets excited about little things (and it’s really cute!).
6. He’s a man of his word.
7. He has proven to me that I can completely trust him.
8. He’s laid back and works easily into any plan of attack (complimenting my type-A personality!).
9. He’s easy to talk to, and has lots of interesting things to say.
10. He is optimistic.
11. He has a love for God and a desire to serve Him.
12. He is willing to humor me in almost anything.
13. He tries to be a leader in our relationship, even though it’s not natural for him.
14. He is extremely patient (and I am extremely not).
15. He doesn’t yell or lose his temper, but considers all his words carefully.
16. He has a vision for the future and is excited about what he could do.
17. He is gentle and considerate of my feelings.
18. He is unique.
19. He makes me laugh, and has a wonderful laugh himself.
20. He does what is right no matter who is watching.
21. He goes the extra mile.
22. He is very huggable!
23. He takes care of me, even when my fears are irrational and dramatic.
24. He loves me, and shows me what is loveable about myself.

Happy birthday, Paul! I love you. :-) Only 131 days until I get to be your wife!

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