return to Taylor

return to Taylor

So I’m sitting in Zondervan Library (since those are the only computers that don’t require a username and password to use) back in the old haunting grounds of Taylor University. It feels weird to be back… It’s only my second time since I graduated, the other time being last May when I came up for my graduation. It’s been weird to be here; I recognize almost no one. I guess that’s what happens when you make friends with people who are older than you. :-)

I realize that I forgot to mention on my blog that I was making this trip up to Indiana and to Taylor. I left after work on Tuesday which was kinda an adventure since I was given a bunch of things to do before I left. I ended up not being able to leave work until 6:30 and leaving Atlanta at 8:30 for Nashville. I stayed the night with Bethany and headed up to Indy the next day to spend the day with Josh and Beth and Olivia. It was fun to see Olivia and hang out with Beth.

Yesterday I wandered around Taylor and met up with people and talked to professors that I knew. It was fun… Today I went to chapel and now I’m at the library wondering what to do until I meet other people at 5. I still have people I want to see, but I have no way to get in contact with them. I also need to get lunch sometime so I think I’ll head over to Ivanhoe’s. Hehe. Maybe I’ll go to the WalMart in Marion for Old Time’s Sake… and I’d love to hook up with Melissa Woodrum who is rumored to be in the area although, again, I have no clue of how to get in contact with her…

So this has turned into a boring blog post. :-) I think it’s cuz I don’t really know what to say. So I guess I’ll stop now and go find something to do. :-)

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