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Yesterday I banged up my bad knee again. Some of you might remember a pretty bad fall I took last September, which broke my glasses and hurt my knees. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to put weight on my right knee – so no proposing for me, I guess. ;-) Yesterday I hit something (I’m not sure what exactly happened; I was trying to act nonchalant) and now there’s a big bruise on my right knee. It doesn’t hurt now, but last night it was throbbing. Maybe soon I’ll be able to tell what the weather’s going to be with this knee?

I was taking a bath today and my cat tried to join me. It was really funny… they were walking along the edge of the tub, between the curtain and the liner (they love doing that). I was watching them cautiously because they are the klutziest cats I’ve ever had… and sure enough- SPLASH! I think it was Lewis, but I couldn’t see well through the liner. I couldn’t help from laughing. Silly kitty.

Someone called my apartment at 4am last night, looking for Carlos. No, Carlos doesn’t have this number anymore. It’s 4 am. I was able to go back so sleep, but I woke up feel stiff and not rested. Please don’t mess with my sleep. I so rarely get a good night’s sleep… Oh well, sleep is overrated. I just wish it wasn’t so unattainable.

I think that’s enough news from me for now. I’m going to go watch some M*A*S*H as I eat lunch. :-)

number 300

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According to Blogger, this is my 300th post on this blog. How exciting! That’s an average of 20 posts a month… So not quite daily, but close. I was trying to think if there was anything special I could say about 300 but nothing is coming to mind. Oh well, I’ll celebrate another holiday that is today: the veinte-ocho (peruvian independence day)! And a few lines from the national anthem:

Somos libres, seámoslo siempre, seámoslo siempre,
Y antes niegue sus luces el sol,
Que faltemos al voto solemne
Que la Patria al Eterno elevó.
Que faltemos al voto solemne
Que la Patria al Eterno elevó.(We are free, let’s always be so
and may the sun deny its light
if we fail the solemn vow
that the motherland swore to the Eternal One.)

It’s kinda weird that we’re not celebrating it, watching a parade (maybe with the president going by!) filled with colorful dancers in traditional dress and bands playing the national anthem… And my outfit so carefully chosen of white and red. Ah, so many memories. I tried to capture 9 years of living there in one page of my senior show, but it was hard to do.

Hmm now I’m in a reminiscing mood… The other day I was trying to convince Beth to carry Olivia around in a blanket like Quechua women do. And Sopeak getting a llama on his blog made me miss seeing the llamas and alpacas all over Peru. They’re so cute. Now I’m imagining Peruvian food and getting hungry… There’s a Peruvian restaurant nearby my apartment; I’ll have to go take advantage again. In a lot of ways, I love that I grew up overseas… I love knowing another culture. I want to go back someday, and hike the Inca Trail, an 4-day long hike that follows an old Incan road, ending at the magnificent ancient city of Machu Picchu. When I would come to the States and people would ask me about Peru, it was hard to explain because it was so normal to me but different than anywhere here in the States. I think going back in 2003 helped me see Peru in a different light. The thing that amazed me the most was how bright it was at night… The smog combined with the city lights made the nighttimes look like dusk here. I miss the public transportation… the multicolored buses who thought they ruled the road, guys hanging out shouting the places the bus was heading, trying to get people on. It was crazy driving in Lima – I don’t think we ever went above 40 mph the whole time I lived there. (I remember one time my mom exclaiming in surprise, “I went into 4th gear!”) Between taxis and busses, you could get by pretty well without a car. Our family never had more than one car, and we did a lot of walking. I miss being able to get to things by walking. I also miss the bakeries and the fresh bread – there’s nothing like it here! I almost never had sliced bread; it was always rolls. There were so many different kinds, you could never get bored. And if you were lucky you got to the bakery right as they were pulling them out of the oven! Mmmm… I miss empanadas too, which were meat or cheese filled rolls. They were good and filling!

Ah okay that’s enough for now before everyone is completely bored. How many readers of my blog have been to Peru? Then we can reminisce in the comments. :-)


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I am exhausted right now. More than just tired… exhausted like I’m sick or something. It’s weird. I had dinner with an old friend from a missions trip five years ago, which was a good evening. I like the little breaks of seeing people I know.

So I’ve been in the process of moving my website to the server that we got. It’s all messed up right now and so when you go to it takes you to Google, which is annoying. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. I don’t know what I’m doing. :-p But once I get this working, then I’ll say goodbye to my CSS account forever. :-( sadness… But the good news is that now I have the space to develop my website further, because right now I don’t really need my portfolio online, although I do love showing off what I’m proud of! ;-) As I said, I’m eventually going to move this blog to that site, kinda like how Matt does with his website and blog.

Oh, Lewis went to the vet yesterday for a checkup and is doing much better. I guess the medicine and the special food are working well. He didn’t yell when the vet pressed on his tummy, like he did last time. I decided not to pursue getting the apartments to take responsibility for it, but I told them that they should be careful in the future for apartments where there are animals. I would have never have thought that ash could be so bad for kitties, and I think they were a little surprised too.

Okay, back to playing with this hosting server some more! :-)

weekend of visitors

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This weekend I had lots of visitors, and it was fun. (It was also a bad weekend to catch up on emails so that will have to happen later.) My mom, grandmother, and sister drove up from Orlando, and we had a great time. I miss seeing them… I like Atlanta, but I definitely wish my family was closer.

Another visitor I had this weekend was my cousin, Jenny, and her twin 3 month old daughters. They were so cute! I really enjoyed having all three of them over to visit.

Today was a yucky day, mostly because I felt really sick and consequently unproductive. But I was able to relax when I got home, and watch a movie even if it did make me cry. Actually, it was called “Odd Girl Out” and I thought it was pretty good, although I disagreed with a few of the ways they resolved the issue. It was basically a movie about the cruelty of teenage girls… I’m sure almost every girl can relate… I know it definitely reminded me of a few key moments in my life. Now that they are behind me, I think about the future and how as a mother I would deal with my daughter being in that situation.

Okay time to play with the new hosting server we got. :-) You can check out Paul’s new website. There isn’t anything there yet, so don’t get excited. I’m going to be moving my current website to that server too, and someday put my blog there. Ah such ambitions. :-)


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I’m taking a break from blogging for a little while to catch up on emails. So if you miss me then feel free to email me. :-)

My mom, sister, and grandmother are coming tonight! I’m excited to see them again. I have a lot of cleaning to do still. I’ve been lazy these past few days. :-)