bump pictures

bump pictures

I had Paul snap a picture for me today.

27 weeks, 4 days

27 weeks, 4 days along… In the third trimester this week! Craziness. I actually feel like this picture isn’t a good representation of the bump. It looks a lot smaller here than I feel. (In fact, it looks about the same as my 20 week bump picture.)

And just for fun, here is a picture of me pregnant with Savannah, around 26 or 27 weeks, wearing the same shirt:

Two pregnant ladies

The other girl in the picture? That’s Beth and that picture was taken when she was 39 weeks with her 3rd baby, Levi. Now she’s 39 weeks pregnant with her 4th. You can see her belly bump and even wearing the same shirt here. :-) Too bad we don’t get to take a belly bump pic together this time!

We did the next best thing… our bump picture!
Bump Picture - 30 and 27 weeks, respectively

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