number 301

number 301

Yesterday I banged up my bad knee again. Some of you might remember a pretty bad fall I took last September, which broke my glasses and hurt my knees. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to put weight on my right knee – so no proposing for me, I guess. ;-) Yesterday I hit something (I’m not sure what exactly happened; I was trying to act nonchalant) and now there’s a big bruise on my right knee. It doesn’t hurt now, but last night it was throbbing. Maybe soon I’ll be able to tell what the weather’s going to be with this knee?

I was taking a bath today and my cat tried to join me. It was really funny… they were walking along the edge of the tub, between the curtain and the liner (they love doing that). I was watching them cautiously because they are the klutziest cats I’ve ever had… and sure enough- SPLASH! I think it was Lewis, but I couldn’t see well through the liner. I couldn’t help from laughing. Silly kitty.

Someone called my apartment at 4am last night, looking for Carlos. No, Carlos doesn’t have this number anymore. It’s 4 am. I was able to go back so sleep, but I woke up feel stiff and not rested. Please don’t mess with my sleep. I so rarely get a good night’s sleep… Oh well, sleep is overrated. I just wish it wasn’t so unattainable.

I think that’s enough news from me for now. I’m going to go watch some M*A*S*H as I eat lunch. :-)

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