weekend of visitors

weekend of visitors

This weekend I had lots of visitors, and it was fun. (It was also a bad weekend to catch up on emails so that will have to happen later.) My mom, grandmother, and sister drove up from Orlando, and we had a great time. I miss seeing them… I like Atlanta, but I definitely wish my family was closer.

Another visitor I had this weekend was my cousin, Jenny, and her twin 3 month old daughters. They were so cute! I really enjoyed having all three of them over to visit.

Today was a yucky day, mostly because I felt really sick and consequently unproductive. But I was able to relax when I got home, and watch a movie even if it did make me cry. Actually, it was called “Odd Girl Out” and I thought it was pretty good, although I disagreed with a few of the ways they resolved the issue. It was basically a movie about the cruelty of teenage girls… I’m sure almost every girl can relate… I know it definitely reminded me of a few key moments in my life. Now that they are behind me, I think about the future and how as a mother I would deal with my daughter being in that situation.

Okay time to play with the new hosting server we got. :-) You can check out Paul’s new website. There isn’t anything there yet, so don’t get excited. I’m going to be moving my current website to that server too, and someday put my blog there. Ah such ambitions. :-)

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