Weekly link roundup

Weekly link roundup

I like sharing things I’ve found across the web, but I don’t want to annoy people, so I thought I’d do a weekly roundup. If you could leave a comment saying which links you liked best, that will help me know what types of links you want to see shared in the future!

Finding Holy in the Suburbs
I met Ashley on a message board many years ago, and am really excited about her first book which released this week! As someone who recently moved to the suburbs and finding myself really happy here, I am so excited to see a book targeting this subject specifically. I have not finished it yet, but I have really been enjoying the parts I’ve read so far. Maybe I’ll write a complete review when I’m done. :-) (Though no promises – I’m terrible at book reviews for some reason!)

A 5 year old’s amazing drum skills (video)
This girl is darling and reminds me so much of my 6 year old, if mine was into drumming. I love the little “yeah!” she does towards the end of the song, haha.

Seven Square Miles
This is so cool – snapshots from Google Earth at the same virtual height, comparing different areas across the earth.

The Stunning Beauty of Braided Rivers
The previous link lead me to Google braided rivers, because I had never heard of those before. These pictures are beautiful!

Family Adopts 4 Albino Children Whose “Unique, Rare” Condition Makes “Our Hearts Full”
This is a mom I “know” from a homeschooling forum, and I really enjoyed this piece she wrote about her adopted children.

Closing the Facebook
I’ve been really disenchanted with Facebook lately. I have many thoughts swirling around which may or may not end up in a blog post. Right now, I’m mostly still on Facebook for the groups, some of which I have found to be so edifying and encouraging. I signed up for MeWe as an alternative, though I don’t think it’s the perfect solution. But I’m hoping more people join so I have someone to hang out with there, ha!

The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers
I used to follow Snopes religiously (I even had an RSS feed to their new articles years ago!) but a few things recently have made me pause about blind trust in them. This was an interesting article that raises some good questions. I feel like at the very least, the lack of transparency is concerning.

Fake or Foto?
Speaking of false news… it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between videos and images that are real or doctored, which can cause even the most astute of us to fall for something not real. See how well you do on this little quiz – they give you an image and you vote whether you think it’s a photo or CG. I only got a 33% when I took it!

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  1. I loved the seven mile pictures, and I also wanted to know more about braided rivers. So it was funny when that was the next post! I LOVED the adoption story. And I got 56% on the pictures.

  2. Thanks, Ashley! This is such a good idea! I come across things I find interesting and want to share, but are sometimes weird to work in to conversations. I like your link round up.

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