Trying my hand at Etsy

Trying my hand at Etsy

When we sold our house last year, I needed some artwork for the wall that weren’t family pictures. I took my camera to downtown Atlanta and ended up framing three black and white pictures of the city I love. A friend was impressed and encouraged me to consider selling my photography. I don’t consider myself a professional by any stretch of the word, and still have a lot to learn. But I have a decent camera and I really enjoy nature and scenery photography. I collected my favorites and opened an Etsy shop recently.

I’m really excited to be doing something creative that fits into my schedule well. (Freelance design can be challenging because my best hours are usually spent with the kids. It can be hard to drum up creativity when I’m tired and/or having a migraine!) I have been trying my hand at graphic design printables too – I don’t think that’s my strongest area, but I hope to improve.

Please go check out my Etsy shop and leave a “heart” on your favorite designs. And if you feel so led, I would love it if you bought something and left a review to help give my shop some credibility!

Here are a bunch of links that I’m using for this new venture. Please follow and share as you will.





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