Link Roundup Week #2

Link Roundup Week #2

My weekly collection of links I’ve come across and thought others might be interested… I appreciate any feedback about which links you enjoyed reading so I can better know what to share in the future!

The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected
I found this a fascinating look at how different socioeconomic levels approach technology with their kids. We have chosen to avoid tablets and smartphones for our kids for the most part (though they do watch a lot of tv, ha) and I myself struggle a lot with an addiction to my phone so I have been reluctant to introduce that to our household. I am glad to see that there are parents who are fighting back against the intrusion of technology on our lives, but I know it’s an uphill battle that will only be won with strength in numbers.

What’s next for podcasting?
An article about monetizing podcasts… I’ve really been enjoying listening to podcasts the past two years or so, but I am getting really tired of the commercials in some of them. I have wondered if this is the future of podcasts, or if they were going to figure out another way to make money, so this article was interesting.

Redefining the Kilogram
I had no idea that there was an object whose weight was the standard for kilogram. You learn something new every day.

Text Twist
I played this online game a lot in college, and I recently rediscovered it. It’s my current addiction. I use the keyboard to make it easier and have gotten pretty fast. It’s mindless entertainment, but it’s certainly sharpening my Bananagrams skills. ;-)

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