What I Am Into – September 2013

What I Am Into – September 2013

What I Am Into – September 2013 edition

I was inspired by Hippie Housewife to do this. Link over to Hopeful Leigh to see more.

Ah, September. It’s been a mostly beautiful month, the end of a relatively cool but still humid summer. The month just flew past as we re-settled into life after our huge road trip in August. Summers are always a flurry of traveling and birthdays, and the falls are filled with events and festivals, and getting ready for end of the year holidays. There are things I love about every season, truly, but there is something special about fall.

Read and Reading:

After using the GPS so much on our trip, we pretty much used up our entire data plan allotment two weeks before our plan rolled over to a new month. So, I turned off data on my phone and revisited the joy of reading. In September, I read through all the Mary Stewart books I own. She’s one of my favorite authors and I enjoyed being whisked away to various parts of the world – Greece, Austria, France, Scotland, England. I have one last book that I started, but I think I read too many too fast, and haven’t been as inspired to finish it. :-) In my defense, I’ve read this particular book many times in the past so it’s not like I don’t know what’s going to happen!

I also have been working my way through some books that I need to read for my childbirth educator certification (something I’m hoping to start as soon as I’m able to get the money). I’m currently reading La Leche League’s book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. It’s really fascinating and I wish I’d read it when I was pregnant with Savannah.


September marks the return of our favorite tv shows! I really don’t get a chance to watch much live tv anymore… I just get frustrated trying to watch anything that airs before 10pm, and thanks to Netflix I haven’t been as interested in trying new shows anymore. But, I still am making time for Castle every Monday night, and hopefully Blue Bloods every Friday night (except I missed the season premier of that due to being sick).

Another highlight of this month: season 5 of Leverage came to DVD! We love that show, but we don’t have cable and it doesn’t stream (legally) anywhere online, so we always have to wait until the DVDs come out to see the new shows. I pre-ordered it – my first time ever doing that! – and it arrived mid-September. In preparation, we have been watching the previous 4 seasons of Leverage that we own. Good times. However, since this is the last season of Leverage (it was cancelled last Christmas), we are taking it slow.

On Netflix, I’m rewatching old Doctor Who favorites, and dabbling in a few other series wondering what my next obsession will be. I started Buffy the Vampire Slayer and am really struggling to get through the first season (everyone tells me I need to give it a chance). I watched one episode of Mad Men – I found it very interesting but I don’t think I will continue to watch it due to the blatant and unrepentant infidelity. It’s a shame, because I really enjoy the 60s and I’ve heard they do an excellent job with the time period aspect.

Noteworthy Events:

Two of them, actually.

First, we went apple picking a few weeks ago. We had a wonderful time – I am so glad we live close enough to some apple orchards! (It’s about an hour and a half from our house.) Savannah was big enough to help pick the apples this year, and Caroline really enjoyed munching on them. Unfortunately, my pictures from that are still on the camera.

The second is a camping trip! Beth and I decided to just set a date to go camping together, just the two of us and our four kids (combined). Unfortunately, the gorgeous weather we’ve been having was non-existent just for the two days we wanted to camp. (And also the one day the previous week we planned to go apple picking – we had to go a different day.) Since I hate camping in the rain, we decided to cancel the first night of our trip and just go up the second night. There was no rain, but it was incredibly humid (but not hot). It wasn’t the best camping trip, but I really enjoyed hanging out with Beth. Friends are wonderful things to have. :-)

Things I Am Loving:

* A few months ago I hosted a Pampered Chef party, and with the hostess perks I picked up this square grill pan with a cast iron grill press. Oh my goodness, I am loving this so much! I have found it my new go-to tool in the kitchen. My current favorite thing is to rub lemon pepper seasoning on chicken, then put them in the grill pan… 4 minutes each side, and they are done and oh so tasty! I don’t get anything for saying this, and those links aren’t affiliate links… so that tells you how much I like it. :-)

* I’m a big fan of melatonin right now. For several weeks I’ve been struggling with insomnia, getting between 3 and 5 hours of sleep each night. Finally I caved and took the melatonin that someone gave me a while ago, and it has really helped. I do hope to wean myself off of it, but for now I am trying to get back into a pattern of sleeping 7-8 hours a night. The nights I’ve forgotten to take it, or switched to a different brand, I have been back to my laying in bed until 5 or 6am schedule, so I know it’s working.

* I’m really starting to like Savannah’s new hair cut! At first I thought I had cut it too short, but now that I’m used to it I think it looks cute. She likes her hair short because it’s easier to wash and brush. In fact, she spearheaded this decision to cut her hair but chopping off a few locks herself with the kitchen scissors. ;-)

On the Blogs:

Are you having trouble keeping track of my many blogs? :-) I don’t blame you, so I’ll summarize here.
From Hovel to Home – my blog about fixing up our house
After a year of silence while we contemplated our future in this house, I decided to resurrect this blog. I wrote a whole bunch of posts, and still have many more to do to update everyone on the house! I didn’t think we’d done anything the past year, but apparently we had. There are still a lot of broken links there, so be patient.

Tents and Trails – my camping with kids blog
This one got sadly put by the wayside since we didn’t get to camp at all this summer. (Argh! Rainy summer!) I did write one post at the beginning of September, and do hope to write a few more soon.

Little Berries – my kid blog
This one is new, and I need to get it working to post from my phone so I can keep it more updated. The idea is a place where I can record those funny kid moments that I hope I never forget. I closed all comments to the site because nothing irritates me more than people criticizing my kids or my parenting. I really love the theme of that site, and how it’s set up to have a variety of styles of posts (short snippets, conversations, pictures).

Okay that’s enough for now… See you in October!

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