i miss blogging

i miss blogging

I really do. I don’t want it to become an obligation ever, but I want to get back into the habit.

So, for all my 5 readers ;-)…

What would you be MOST interested in reading? I’m sure I’ll always have a little smattering of each on the blog, and ultimately I’ll write what I want. But, maybe knowing what people want to hear will help motivate me.

  • Our personal life? What we’ve been up to, the things we’ve been doing day to day?
  • Practical mommy stuff, like cloth diapering, breastfeeding, childbirth, products I like/dislike?
  • Pictures (mostly of the kiddos)?
  • Thoughts/reflections on various subjects like spirituality, parenthood, life in general?
  • Something else?

One of the things on my lifelong bucket list is to write a book. I’m leaning towards a fiction book, but I have no clue the plot or characters or setting or anything. I am waiting for that to come to me – someday (I’m in no hurry). In the meantime, I am not sure my writing skills are where they could be. One of the best ways to improve your writing is to just write… so I am hoping not to waste these pre-book years, and keep practicing by writing regularly here on my blog. I’m sure I will never be as great of a writer as Beth, but maybe I’ll get close. :-) (Selling and making money off a book is NOT on my bucket list – I just want to finish writing one. I keep my expectations low. ;-))

So yeah, I’d love to hear what you are interested in reading on my blog.

8 thoughts on “i miss blogging

    1. I do think Facebook and Twitter (and basically the advent of social media) has played a major role, at least for me. My blog has always, to a certain extent, been a way to share my life with my friends. I can do that easier through Facebook. And of course a blog takes time to write, versus a few sentences on Facebook.

  1. i love reading you blogs. i love all of the topics listed. i have missed your opinions since i am no longer allowed on the ican board. please keep blogging.

  2. I like reading a mix of all the things that you list. It’s nice to just see a person’s day to day, but I also like to read about issues people are thinking about more in-depth. I like pictures, but I’m always a little disappointed by picture-only posts-I like words. I like your blog and I think you should make it whatever you want it to be.

  3. I like to read kind of how I blog – a mix of every day life intermingled with crafts & inspiration, food & recipes, practical tips, etc. I do agree that this is your space, however, so it should be first and foremost for you.

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