a 3 year old’s thoughts on birth

a 3 year old’s thoughts on birth

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This morning, Savannah and Caroline and I were lounging on the bed before we got up for the day. I turned to Caroline and said, “You were born right here in this very spot!”

Caroline, of course, just grinned and waved her arms and legs.

“Caroline was born here,” Savannah echoed.

I turned to her, interested. “Do you remember that?”

“Daddy told me to go nigh-nigh and I closed my eyes. But when I opened them, I didn’t see you! I saw Caroline.”

“You saw Caroline being born?”

“She was in Mommy’s tummy! And there was a noise!”

“Caroline was crying?”

“No, noise from Mommy. Like uhhhrgh.” (She actually captured the sound of a woman having a contraction pretty well! :-))

I laughed and gave her a hug. “I’m glad you were there when Caroline was born.”

“Yeah. In Mommy’s tummy.”

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