happy new year!

happy new year!

Paul and I are finding ourselves at a weird crossroads right now. I have been living here in Atlanta for almost 8 years now, which is hard to believe. I’ve never lived in one place this long in my life. I always thought I was the type of person to move every 2 years. Now, I’ve started to put down roots.

The past few years I’ve been able to really plug into the local community. We have a church we love. Friends we can call on for almost anything. I can gather my girl friends for a girls’ night out, or ask them to watch my kids for a date night. I know my way around this beautiful city of mine. This is a very weird thing for me. I am not used to having this – a home. And… I kinda like it.

I never imagined raising kids who lived in the same city their whole childhood. I always pictured us moving around. I always felt like the new experiences would be good for them, as hard as it is to keep moving. But the other day, Paul asked me if we weren’t tied to Atlanta by a job or house, would I want to move away, and where? And honestly I couldn’t get excited about leaving. We’ve often talked about moving to North Carolina (Charlotte or Asheville), or maybe somewhere else in the southeast… but when I try to imagine doing it now, I can’t.

This is very weird for me and I’m not sure what to do about these feelings!

We’re here for now, and I’d really like all my children to be born here in Atlanta just because of the prenatal care I’m able to get here. But after that? If Paul should want to move on from his current job? Do we go? Stay? I’m really not sure.

Just things I’ve been pondering.

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  1. Stay! This is my home now, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I always knew, growing up, that I wouldn’t stay in Florida. I didn’t know where I would go. But this has become MY city. I love the diversity of neighborhoods, people, food, culture, entertainment. I love this place so much that when we lived in Knoxville when my husband was in grad school, I wrote a paper for my English class about how awesome Atlanta is.

    The community we have here is like no other. I would miss you terribly.

  2. I’ve lived here my whole life (minus a few months in Indiana) – and I still love this city. My heart will always be here. I’d love to travel, but I absolutely cannot imagine living anywhere else.

  3. Hi Ashley! Your girls are very adorable and beautiful!!

    All of those things you listed are wonderful blessings. You are very fortunate!

    We moved back to my hometown 2 years ago after living in 4 states in 9 years. Because of moving I got to live near a beach in CA and the mountains of Colorado. Things I never thought I’d do having spent my first 25 years in Nebraska. I haven’t felt settled here yet.

    I’m sure you guys will know if you should stay or move if the time comes.

    1. At this point, if we moved, it would be with the intention of returning to Atlanta. I would love to experience things like living in another state – I think that appeals to me. Even living in another country for a little while.

      For us right now, Atlanta is perfect combination of distance travel to places we visit frequently (Indiana, Florida, and New England) and big city. We actually would probably be more central if we moved a little north – maybe North Carolina or even Virginia – but we really like all the diversity you see in Atlanta, and the opportunities we have here.

      I guess if the opportunity presents itself we might take it, but I’m not sure we’re at a point of SEEKING out those opportunities.

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