catching up – car accident

catching up – car accident

I haven’t posted about several not-so-great things that have happened here recently. I’ll start with the car accident.

When Caroline was only 3 weeks old (beginning of August), we were driving on the interstate and the car behind me rear-ended me. It was really scary – Savannah and Caroline both started crying, even though we all were fine. Poor girls! There wasn’t a lot of damage, but my head hit the head rest pretty hard. I had x-rays taken and they showed all-clear. I took the girls to my pediatrician and they also checked out okay.

It took me a long time to recover. I think it was partly because my body was still healing from being only 3 weeks postpartum. I was able to get into my chiropractor right away, and I’m glad I did. She was able to give me several massages over the next few weeks which really helped – my muscles were so sore and tense. I found it very difficult to wear Caroline even though she was only like 8 lbs.

It took two weeks to fix our car, but the other person’s insurance was great and covered a rental car and the repairs. I am a little sad that not all the dents were fixed, though. We did need to get a new car seat for Caroline, but Savannah’s was okay (according to the user manual). I am really happy with the seat I ended up getting for Caroline – I like it a lot better than my last seat. So that all worked out.

I am feeling tons better now, and I’m so glad that everyone was okay. Car accidents are scary, no matter how bad they are!

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