the days are long…

the days are long…

Time is flying by, but the days crawl at a snail’s pace. I have a three year old now and the honeymoon phase of the new baby sister is over. I am exhausted.

I have been struggling with basic jobs of keeping my house clean and having well balanced meals for my family. For every step forward, I am forced to take two steps back. I am tired and frustrated.

I don’t even want to list the ways this week has sucked so far and made me want to go hide in a hole. That’s just life, I guess. I know others have it much worse but to be honest I don’t have the energy to take their sorrows on my shoulders too.

I have no words

On a positive note, it’s gorgeous outside. The mosquitoes still are bad around my yard, so we haven’t spent much time outside (especially with a newborn and reports of people in my area getting West Nile Virus). But I’ve been trying to take Savannah to parks. Today we had a picnic at a park where we’ve only been once before. We had to leave because the yellow jackets were so bad. (And let’s face it, I’m afraid of getting stung!) The same thing happened last time we went to that park, about a year ago. No wonder it’s usually empty! I guess we won’t go back there.

I can’t believe it’s almost November. I’ll have to share about Christmas plans, since I have a child old enough this year to understand advent! So exciting!

Well I am going to get some things done on the birth center website… Hopefully it won’t be too much time before I blog again. ;-)

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  1. Ashley, when I saw that picture of Caroline on Facebook, I didn’t enlarge it and was just amazed that you’d gotten a baby to sit still enough to have facepainting done! :) (I thought the marks on her left cheek looked like a star.) Perhaps Savannah has artistic endeavors in her future.

    I hope your week gets better!

  2. This stage really is SO hard and I don’t like to dwell on it. So physically and emotionally draining…yeah. I remember. I hope that the mosquitoes die off so you can spend some time outside and get that lovely sunshine.

    It will get better. I don’t know when — but it will. Do reach out to your local friends and congregation for help. And let me know if there’s anything I can do from afar. xoxoxo

  3. Ah, being the mother of two children! Everyone is different, of course, but I’ve heard that it’s universally hard adjusting to being a new mother, then being the mother of TWO… but after that it’s sort of like par for the course. With #3 coming along, that’s what I’m hoping!

    My mom has said on more than one occasion that – when raising five small children – she just had to keep in mind that *that’s* what she was going to do – change diapers, clean, make meals, clean, and clean some more. Obviously it’s easier some days than others, but I can get really emotional sometimes when I think of my kids grown up, actually *longing* for these days when I’m making them meals and washing their clothes! Talk about putting it into perspective. It doesn’t necessarily mean I *enjoy* it all the time, but realize that the time will pass so quickly.

    I especially have to keep this in mind with homeschooling, because I’m around them 24/7. I get really burnt out and impatient, but in the end I cherish my time with them and would rather “grow up” with them than give that to someone else. Make sense?

    By the way, I find it’s generally easier with two children than one because they entertain each other and become each other’s playmate. Of course there can be fighting and what not, but for the most part it means less work on your part. I’m sure your daughters will be great friends as they grow up. :)

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