25 days of christmas books

25 days of christmas books

We’re starting a new tradition this year! It will probably take a few years to build up our collection but I’m excited about this. We’ll be reading one children’s Christmas book each day in December, leading up to Christmas! (This will be in addition to daily advent reading of the story of Jesus from the Bible.) I want to make it a fun family activity of reading together and enjoying all the classic Christmas stories that I grew up with, as well as a few new (to me) ones.

I was inspired by this link, but I wanted different books. I actually spent a lot of time researching children’s Christmas books, reading reviews, and asking friends about their favorites. I also had an idea of what I wanted to include (example, find a book about Las Posadas, since we have a Posada event every year at our church), as well as incorporating a few books that I already owned. Someday I’d love to plan a craft to go along with each book… but we’ll start that a different year. ;-)

Here is my list of books: 25 Days of Christmas Books

And here is a link to my Pinterest board – I’m going to pin crafts here so I can refer back in the future: 25 Days of Christmas Books – Pinterest

I hope you enjoy!

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